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28 Jan 2015

No More Tomorrow and Yet Joe is Happy

Many people always tell me (as their coach) that they will start doing the right things when they are more ready tomorrow.

Some people say that because currently their career is doing fine, they don't need any coaching or upgrading.  Others claimed that their bosses did not intend to promote them (as there are no such promotion opportunities) and as such they have not started to think about learning on their own.  "I'll learn when I get there", is what they say. 

I'm sure you can recognize this: many people live day by day.  They will upgrade their skills when they're feeling confident and good.  Since currently there is too much workload to handle, they will wait until tomorrow when things are more stable to pick up learning.

Meet Joe - the person that lives as though there is no tomorrow. Joe makes use of each day to the fullest: he will grab opportunities as they come along.  He does not improve himself or embark on self-learning according to his whims and fancies but on a continuous basis.  

Joe knows that there is no such thing as a lazy learner, only such thing as an unmotivated learner.  How did Joe motivate himself to learn?   Joe knows that whatever he does (say read a book), the book does not give rise to anything, but it is what Joe reads in himself when he reads the book that matters.

There are dozens of things to learn in this world but it all boils down to this: just learn.  There is no perfect time to learn, just a time to learn.  You don't need to start big, you can start by learning from Ted or Youtube or blogs.  Or attend a course like this.   Related articles:
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