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26 Nov 2015

Top 10 Business Secrets from the Roman Empire

1.     Determine the most powerful benefit or advantage you can offer – your unique benefit so that it is irrational for them not to choose you.

2.     Don’t have to change your product – position it as having a unique benefit and communicate this to them that you are now offering this unique advantage.

3.     Eliminate the risk for the client; offer a risk-free opportunity.

4.     Add-on and cross-selling – you have an obligation to demonstrate to them the differences in performance and outcome they can expect to receive and to make them an offer that gives them an incentive for trading up.

5.     Clients stop buying for 3 reasons: out of sight, out of mind, dissatisfied and client’s situation has changed (but still can give you referrals).

6.     Send a sales letter ahead of a phone call can increase the effectiveness of a call by 1,000%. – you are not calling cold, you are calling warm.

7.     Achieve breakthroughs – make twice or 3 times results from the same effort or less.

8.     How to have a soul in your business:

·       Give more value than you take;
·       Become an agent of change;
·       Get involve in the client’s dreams, needs, hopes, complexities, families etc;
·       Be a trusted friend – identify what your client really needs;

9.     Host beneficiary is the most powerful business generator with the least cost.

10. Re-activate old clients and leads – leave your pride at home.  Start with the most recent in-actives.

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