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13 Dec 2015

How to Get Back Your Motivation

Motivation is fire from within. If someone tries to fight this motivation fire under you, chances are it will burn - very briefly. Stephen R Covey

It happens to everyone - your happiest moments dissipate, and you have little or no energy to work. You feel sick and tired. All the excitement about achieving your dreams, reaching your goals, and so on are completely gone. You cannot understand this. But one thing you know: you feel miserable and you want your motivation back!  Here are 5 easy ways to get back your motivation:
  1. Face the situation and do everything you can rekindle the fire. Focus on the desired end result   or the reward you will gain from achieving your goal
  2. Readjust your Focus. Are you focusing on your goals or the process?
  3. Recall your greatest source of motivation and inspiration. This could be a book, song, movie or just your past achievements and medals. Often re-posting your happy photos on Facebook could motivate you instantly
  4. Get an inspiring and motivating environment. Often engage in some form of physical activity like running would lead you to a more positive environment
  5. Get some quick results. You have past successes and now is the time to go back and do little things that give you sure-win instant successes. They could be small, but that feeling of winning will surely put you back on a motivated state
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at

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