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23 Dec 2015

How to have YOUR Unbelievable 2016 and Beyond

Start by having your dream. Without dreams, we perish. With dreams, we blossom like a flower and not be stunned like a vegetable! With your dream in front of you, take the following steps:
Step 1: Start New. Forget about the past. Start new today. You are not who you are or who you were but a NEW YOU
Step 2: Write down your story. Just like wifi, your story is the one thing that will connect with everyone that you come into contact with. When you connect with people, miracles happen.  You may get help or new ideas constantly. For example, if your dream is to become a novel writer, write your story now and share with 20 people in 3 days. If no one believes in your story, write another one. Keep on changing your story until people believe it at first hearing. 
Step 3: Set a high goal for 2016, a goal that no one believes in it. If people laugh at you, that means that it is unbelievable to them. But if you yourself don't believe in this goal, this goal is not unbelievable but just your fantasy. Remember, an unbelievable goal is one that people don't believe but you believe in it because it is part of your dream
Step 4: Get a teacher, coach or mentor. Go to the successful people and ask to buy coffee for them and get some advise or coaching from them. If you cannot find such a peson quickly, get a cyber coach, that is, a coach on the internet. A good inspiration for me is this video at here
Step 5: Get started now. If you start now, you will find that this goal is so real and you are one step closer to your dreams. 

By Andy Ng, details of our training and coaching at


Achieve breakthroughs in your career, business and life
Date: 8 Jan 2016 Friday 7 pm to 9.30 pm
Venue : The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Rd (inside Parkroyal Hotel)   
Fee: $49 each; $39 each for 2
Everyone knows the power of goal setting, but how many people know the power of Unbelievable? Inspired by Chen Tian Wen's video "Unbelievable", this talk will equip you with strategies, tips and procedures to achieve breakthroughts in your life, career and business.
When you look back one year later, you will simply say, "that's unbelievable"
*** This course qualifies for PIC (Productivity & Innovation Credit), where you can get 60% Grant. Hurry! Limited seats, register now!


  1. 2016 Monkey Year Forecast
  2. Defnition of Unbelievable per Inamori-san, Japan's multi-billionaire
  3. Five Steps to achieve an Unbelievable Year
  4. Facts Tell, Stories Tell
  5. How to Get Promoted Fast in 2016
  6. Systematic way to Achieve 61% Increase in Your Profits this year
  7. How to Start and Succeed in Your Own Business with $42.60 capital (not MLM)
  8. The Ultimate in Unbelievable: Achieve Your Dreams and How
  9. Your 90-Day Action Plan and Case Study
Bonus 1: FREE 90-Day Action Plan Guide 
Bonus 2: FREE Training on sales, marketing and leadership


  1. Powerful Ideas that even your bosses may not have taught you
  2. Fulfill your inner drive to be a Superman
  3. Get answers for all your queries about 2016's fortunes
  4. Know how to get up and rise in this year and beyond
  5. Create new value for your employer this year
  6. Realize your Goal to Earn High Income this year


  1. Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, BD Managers
  2. General Managers
  3. Sales Executives
  4. Account Managers and Executives
  5. Self-Employed and Entrepreneurs

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