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13 Jan 2020

7 Ways People Use WeChat Group Chats Wrongly

Many people don't know the difference between WeChat Group Chats and WhatsApp Group Chats and the following are the 7 ways people use WeChat Group Chats wrongly:
  1. Never participate.  Some people join Group Chats is to add the people inside as their WeChat friends.  They never participate in anything inside the group chats, not even introducing themselves when they first joined the group chats or saying good morning
  2. Say Good Morning every day.  It is irritating to see so many good morning messages inside group chats every day because it takes up space and people join group chats is not to read such messages every day.  If you do, you are telling people that you have nothing better to contribute other than saying good morning.
  3. Sell immediately, either in the group chat or individually to the people inside the group.  This makes you liable to be reported or deleted as a WeChat friend
  4. Send long messages and long videos that have nothing to do with the purpose or theme of the group chat
  5. Send Voice Messages, usually about good morning or some greeting. See my article on why you shouldn't use voice message.  Use Voice Input instead
  6. Never Save the Group Chat, as a result, cannot retrieve it and cannot participate.  To save group chats, press the 3 dots on rop right of phone and select 'Save to Contacts'
  7. Forward news that are of low value, especially fake news

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