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12 Jan 2020

Table of Contents for Practiccal WeChat Marketing 94 Ways eBook

Practical WeChat Marketing 94 WaysBook by Andy Ng

Total in 100 pages (17,286 words)

The special Launch price of S$9.49 for the eBook and S$29.49 for the hard copy.  For 2 hard copies,  it is $19.49 per book. To order, text to me Andy at 93672286 or email to 
  • Prologue by Author: WeChat Marketing: Market to Who?
  1. Chapter 1:  It All Starts with Your Me Page
  2. Chapter 2:  What Are You Up to in WeChat?
  3. Chapter 3: Hey, I Cannot See You. Where’s Your Moments Album Cover?
  4. Chapter 4: Location, Location, Location
  5. Chapter 5: Who are You If You don’t Self Introduce Yourself?
  6. Chapter 6: Have a Hard Copy of Your WeChat QR Code
  7. Chapter 7: Who are the People Nearby You NOW?
  8. Chapter 8: Edit Your WeChat Friends and Set Tags for Them
  9. Chapter 9: Post Your Life’s Moments
  10. Chapter 10: Set Moments Options
  11. Chapter 11: Starred Your Friends to Remember Them for Life
  12. Chapter 12: Make Your Friend Sticky on Top and You’ll Never Miss them
  13. Chapter 13: Set Chat Background
  14. Chapter 14: Let Your Friends Remember You for Life
  15. Chapter 15: Send Personalized Messages to Your WeChat Friends
  16. Chapter 16: Save Personalised Messages to Your Favourites
  17. Chapter 17: Limit Your Chats to One Page
  18. Chapter 18: Message Broadcast: the No.1 Way to Reach People Individually
  19. Chapter 19: What NOT to Send in Message Broadcast
  20. Chapter 20: Your Voice, Your Emotions
  21. Chapter 21: Pictures for Your Moments
  22. Chapter 22: The Best Format for Moments Posts
  23. Chapter 23: Limit Your Moments to No More than 7 Lines
  24. Chapter 24: Comment Yourself: the way to Talk so that People Listens
  25. Chapter 25: Less Direct Selling
  26. Chapter 26: Soft Messages Beat Hard Messages
  27. Chapter 27: Experience is Your Best Communicator
  28. Chapter 28: Facts Tell, Stories Sell
  29. Chapter 29: Capture the 4 Needs of People
  30. Chapter 30: Like Your Friend’s Moments Album Cover
  31. Chapter 31: Repeat 7 Times to Get Your Message Across
  32. Chapter 32: Innovate
  33. Chapter 33: Use URL Shortener
  34. Chapter 34: Eyeballs Grabbing Headlines in WeChat
  35. Chapter 35: Seduce and Promise
  36. Chapter 36: Hot Topics are Your Best Friend
  37. Chapter 37: Good Morning is Bad Morning!
  38. Chapter 38: Write Searchable Articles
  39. Chapter 39: A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words, A Video Moves a Thousand Hearts
  40. Chapter 40: Sub-Headlines better than Headlines?
  41. Chapter 41: Simple Numbering System
  42. Chapter 42: Direct and Most Important Point at the Top
  43. Chapter 43: Use More Lines
  44. Chapter 44: Offer Real Practical Value
  45. Chapter 45: Tune in to The World’s No. 1 Radio Station
  46. Chapter 46: Founder’s WeChat
  47. Chapter 47: Master Chatting
  48. Chapter 48: Five Ways to Chat Non-Stop with Your Friends
  49. Chapter 49: Exchange Your No. 1 Master Skill
  50. Chapter 50: Three Steps to Stardom
  51. Chapter 51: Publish Your Own E-Book
  52. Chapter 52: Shout to Let People Know
  53. Chapter 53: Talk to Strangers in WeChat
  54. Chapter 54: Take Photo with Respected and Famous People
  55. Chapter 55: Be Number One
  56. Chapter 56: Put Your Facebook Name Inside WeChat
  57. Chapter 57: Power of Message, Broadcast, Moments and Group chats (MBMG)
  58. Chapter 58: Break the Limit of 5,000 Friends Legally and Morally
  59. Chapter 59: Be an Expert and Share Your Expertise in WeChat
  60. Chapter 60: How to Build Popularity, Reputation and Loyalty in WeChat
  61. Chapter 61: Dare to Add People as Your WeChat Friend
  62. Chapter 62: Who Wants a FREE Treat? 
  63. Chapter 63: Caption Your Photos to Get More Likes and Comments
  64. Chapter 64: Don’t Use Voice Message Until You Read This
  65. Chapter 65: Befriend the Far, Attack the Near
  66. Chapter 66: Direct Message Selling
  67. Chapter 67: Social First, Selling Second
  68. Chapter 68: The 8 Ways to Add Friends on WeChat
  69. Chapter 69: Get Invited into Group Chats
  70. Chapter 70: Use Voice Input, not Voice Message
  71. Chapter 71: Give FREE Service or Products that are High Value but Low Cost to You
  72. Chapter 72: WeChat Marketing is About What People Say About You
  73. Chapter 73: Set and Enforce Group Chats Rules
  74. Chapter 74: Study Peoples’ Moments
  75. Chapter 75: What Do You Stand For?
  76. Chapter 76: Your Values Give You Value
  77. Chapter 77: Build Fans, not Just Friends
  78. Chapter 78: Purchasing and Referral Power of Women
  79. Chapter 79: Tag Your Friends to Do Segmented Marketing
  80. Chapter 80: Create Another WeChat Account when Your WeChat has 4,000 Friends
  81. Chapter 81: Official Accounts: FREE or Own?
  82. Chapter 82: Mini Programs: Own or FREE?
  83. Chapter 83: Post Longer than 15 Seconds Video with WeSee
  84. Chapter 84: Best Time for WeChat Posts
  85. Chapter 85: Never Call People Before You Connect with Them Via the 5 Tools
  86. Chapter 86: WeChat Red Packets Marketing
  87. Chapter 87: Don’t Do What Most People Do in WeChat Marketing
  88. Chapter 88: Price to Sell with Wealth Attracting Numbers
  89. Chapter 89: WeChat 3-3-3 Marketing Plan Goals
  90. Chapter 90: Make China-based friends with Douyin, Toutiao, Kugou, WeSee, Changba
  91. Chapter 91: WhatsApp Group Chats: your key to WeChat success
  92. Chapter 92: Five Ways WeChat Income Leverage
  93. Chapter 93: WeChat Group Video Marketing
  94. Chapter 94: Special Deal on WeChat
Review by our readers so far (this ebook only launched on 12 Jan 2020)
  • "Yes, it is really a very comprehensive book that explained every detail orderly.  Very easy to understand and can use as a checklist.  Thank you for offering such a great book at such a low price. Definitely underpriced! Whoever not get now better act fast!"   Vanda Chan, Malaysia
  • "Great book and congrats to your new book"  Joe 
  • "If anyone needs advice on WeChat Marketing, Andy Ng is the right person. Grab this book or regret forever!  Price is going up in a few days time!"  Tan BH, HR Manager
  • 'Thanks a lot for your patience and your wonderful e book that is certainly great value for money' Yew Kheng Kok
  • "It is rare to find a person outside China to be so passionate and detailed about WeChat. This eBook is truly a WeChat Bible. If you need to know anything about how to use WeChat, this is the one!"  Lawrence Sew, Lion member
Watch our video at here To order for this book and pay via PayPal (and credit cards), click here


Search on Google today for ‘WeChat Marketing Book English’ and it is hard to find one.  

Indeed, it is surprising to many, because Weixin, has been around since 2011.  Weixin was renamed WeChat when it was made available internationally in 2013.  To date, there are 1.15 billion WeChat users in the world in 21 languages.  About 10% of the users are outside China, so this amounts to 115 million international users

You may say this 115 million is small compared to the billions of users of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.  Compared to Twitter and LinkedIn, WeChat international users are relatively small.

Since we are NOT in China, why bother about WeChat?  Can we just focus on the other social media tools where the reach is much wider?  Indeed, this has been the question that people often asked me.  “Why bother to market on WeChat when you have other better choices?”  was the question asked by one director from a large government body in Singapore.

The question is back to why use WeChat?  Many people told me that it is to sell to the Chinese living in mainland China, and these 1.035 billion users have at least 30% that are middle income and above, and they amount to 310 million rich people in China.  “If I could easily capture 0.01% of the market, that is 31,000 rich people!” exclaimed one CEO of a European company.

But we all know that it is very hard to sell to the people in China if when you are outside China. Because China now has everything that is cheap and good, why should they buy from a stranger foreigner?  Unless this foreigner has something that they don’t have, which is rare. 

So, use WeChat to sell to who?  Living in Singapore allows me to sell to the China-born Chinese that lives in Singapore.  According to some statistics, there are 1 million China-born Chinese that lives in Singapore. These 1 million people are daily active WeChat users living in Singapore. They could be Singapore citizens (like my business partner Master Li Chengwei), or Permanent Residents, or holders of work permits, employment pass, S-pass, E-pass, 60-days social pass or just tourists.   

Since 2015, I Andy Ng have been using WeChat to market to 1 million China-born Chinese living in Singapore, and also to the estimated 200,000 Chinese here that use WeChat. To date, I have earned tens of thousands of dollars from WeChat marketing.  This book documents my own experiences that have worked for my humble business of training and consultancy. The strategies here works!   

I believe that if you were to apply some, if not all, of the strategies in this book PRACTICAL WECHAT MARKETING 94 WAYS, you too will reap huge rewards. All the best to your WeChat Marketing!  To get a copy of this one and only practical book on WeChat Marketing, email to me at or WhatsApp to me Andy Ng at 65-93672286 now! 

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