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5 Jan 2020

Using these 4 Tools to Great Effect

Combining Message, Broadcast, Moments and Group Chats
We know that WeChat has these four simple but very powerful tools: MMBG or Moments, Message, Broadcast and Group chats.
Moments: At the Discover page, similar to Facebook’s Newsfeed. It is social media sharing.
Broadcast: Message Broadcast, similar to WhatsApp message broadcast, is a one-to-many messaging tool
Message: Your one-to-one messaging tool
Group Chats: Your one-to-many sharing tool
On their own, these four tools are powerful. But when you combine them, their reach is scary. This is what I typically do:
1. I post a touching story in Moments and ask my friends to share it too
2. When this Moments post gather more than 10 likes, I screenshot the page and share it in my Group chats, asking the group chat members to share it
3. I also do a Message Broadcast to my contacts and get them to like and share my Moments post
4. I also send individualised messages to my friends, asking them to like my Moments post.
5. When this Moments post gathers more than 20 likes and comments, I repeat the whole process until the total likes reach a high figure, e.g. 50.
You can repeat the whole process above as often as you like. Note that your friends may not look at Moments, but Message Broadcast and Message are what they cannot ignore. This method is very powerful. Try it!

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