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12 Jan 2020

WeChat Marketing: Market to Who?

Search on Google today for ‘WeChat Marketing Book English’ and it is hard to find one.  

Indeed, it is surprising to many, because Weixin, has been around since 2011.  Weixin was renamed WeChat when it was made available internationally in 2013.  To date, there are 1.15 billion WeChat users in the world in 21 languages.  About 10% of the users are outside China, so this amounts to 115 million international users. 

You may say this 115 million is small compared to the billions of users of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.  Compared to Twitter and LinkedIn, WeChat international users are relatively small.

Since we are NOT in China, why bother about WeChat?  Can we just focus on the other social media tools where the reach is much wider?  Indeed, this has been the question that people often asked me.  “Why bother to market on WeChat when you have other better choices?”  was the question asked by one director from a large government body in Singapore.

The question is back to why use WeChat?  Many people told me that it is to sell to the Chinese living in mainland China, and these 1.035 billion users have at least 30% that are middle income and above, and they amount to 310 million rich people in China.  “If I could easily capture 0.01% of the market, that is 31,000 rich people!” exclaimed one CEO of a European company.

But we all know that it is very hard to sell to the people in China if when you are outside China. Because China now has everything that is cheap and good, why should they buy from a stranger foreigner?  Unless this foreigner has something that they don’t have, which is rare. 

So, use WeChat to sell to who?  Living in Singapore allows me to sell to the China-born Chinese that lives in Singapore.  According to some statistics, there are 1 million China-born Chinese that lives in Singapore. These 1 million people are daily active WeChat users living in Singapore. They could be Singapore citizens (like my business partner Master Li Chengwei), or Permanent Residents, or holders of work permits, employment pass, S-pass, E-pass, 60-days social pass or just tourists.   

Since 2015, I Andy Ng have been using WeChat to market to 1 million China-born Chinese living in Singapore, and also to the estimated 200,000 Chinese here that use WeChat. To date, I have earned tens of thousands of dollars from WeChat marketing.  This book documents my own experiences that have worked for my humble business of training and consultancy. The strategies here works!   

I believe that if you were to apply some, if not all, of the strategies in this book WECHAT MARKETING 94 WAYS, you too will reap huge rewards. All the best to your WeChat Marketing!  To get a copy of this latest one and only ebook on WeChat Marketing, email to me at  First 49 people get a special 86% discount at S$9.49, vs planned Amazon's price of US$49.94.  To grab your limited copies, WhatsApp to me Andy Ng at 93672286 today! 

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