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5 May 2015

Ending Your Frustrations Here

To me if you don't get the most important things right, you will be spending all your life in frustration.

Frustration No. 1: Why is There No Teamwork?

The usual team building training only works for a short while. When work is busy, people will put team work aside and focus on individual work. For team work to be sustainable, there must be incentives pegged to teamwork.  For example, why should the Production department have good team work with the Sales Department if only the sales department gets all the commission and bonus?  

Frustration No. 2: Why My Salespeople Don't Hit Sales Targets?

Because they don't see targets set by the company as their own targets. No one loves another person's child, unless he sees that person's child as his own. 

Frustration No. 3: Why Are My People Not Interested in Training?

Because they don't see themselves becoming more valuable after the training.  To many employees training is just another boss initiative to get them to do more work with the same pay, ie. a punishment.  

Some companies distinguish 2 types of training: corrective training and enhancement training.  

Corrective training is done when the staff fails in certain work.  This type of training is simply giving another chance to the employee. 

Enhancement training is where we train people so that they can do their job better. For the employees to see this training as useful, you must track improvements in their performance and give them incentives for such improvements.

Frustration No. 4: Why Am I the Boss Always So Busy?

Because the boss focus on operating the business, not building the business.  When you build the business, your business will grow on its own.  

You can build your business by building your people, finance, systems and IT.  Like our company now have its own content management site at, we can attract leads and sales without any human intervention.

Frustration No. 5: Why I Don't See Immediate Improvement in Performance After Training?

Because the trainer did not wake your staff up.  To do that you the boss must tell the trainer what is the biggest thing you want them to do.  The trainer will customize the content and deliver the waking up message in a subtle way.

For example, my client told me that a staff is lacking in inter-personal skills.  So I customize my course Successful People Skills (and other courses at here) to include an element of 'non-self', how all people problems originate from the self concept.  




Date   :  13-May-15 ,  2 pm to 5.30 pm (Wed)
Venue : The Plaza 02-346 7500A Beach Rd   
Investment :1 pax S$298.00 ; 2 pax & above each is S$199.00 ; 5 Pax & above each is S$149.00 (no GST).
You are a Supervisor or Staff working hard everyday.  Studies show that as much as 85% of work problems are human-related.  Yet you see the same problems recurring: be it in sales, customer service, sales, operations or admin.
Focused around Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) of which our Trainer Andy Ng is a Practitioner, this course will equip you the tools that others pay thousands to acquire.  Plus, you get a chance to understand your colleagues and family members better and handle difficult people better. So bring your entire team!
Note: PIC 60% Cash Grant is pre-approved for this course. Call 6225-1784 to clarify if your company qualifies for this.


  1. John Gray’s ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ concept
  2. Doing your own ‘5-Senses’ Test 
  3. Six types of people: how to relate to them
  4. How to Build Instant Rapport with Anyone
  5. Give Constructive Feedback that INSPIRES
  6. Power of Questions to Get to the Bottom 
  7. Personality types, how to work with them
  8. Dealing with Difficult People
  9. Winning Conflict Resolution
  10. Top 8 Ways to Persuade People Your Way
  11. What to Do When People Don’t Follow You
* Bonus: Game on Teamwork


  1. Improve Productivity by 61%
  2. Get All Backlogs Cleared
  3. Solve Management Problems
  4. Serve customers better
  5. Higher Profits & Income for All


  1. People that handle people – inside & outside your organization

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