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4 May 2015

Office Politics and You

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Office politics is inevitable, although many leaders will tell you that there is no place for politics in their office.  

Politics is defined as what people do to influence decision-makers, accomplish hidden agendas and advance their career to the detriment of others.  

By itself, politics is not bad if it works to serve the company's goals by making sure that everyone is productive and adding value and morale remains high.  In fact politics introduce competition in the company and keep everyone on their toes.  But politics is bad when it is leading the company into self-destruction.  

Whether you are new or experienced in management, it pays to learn how to handle office politics. There are 3 steps to do so:

Step 1: Size up the Political Arena. It could be mild, moderate, high and pathologically politicised. If it is highly politicised, conflicts are usually resolved in a highly destructive way.  Blame and termination are common. 

Step 2: Identify the political pathology.  Here are 7 indicators to tell you it's time to alter the political environment and save it from self destruction:
  • Frequent flattery
  • Information massages
  • Malicious gossip
  • Cold indifference
  • Purposely mislead others 
  • Absence of teamwork
  • Managers sacrifice their subordinates to avoid looking bad
Step 3: Detoxify the Workplace to save it from self destruction.  You can:
  • Communicate more openly
  • Invoke rules
  • Share more
  • Emphasise problem solving rather than blame
  • Focus on work.  
  • Go for training and learn how to be a better manager and leader
Strategies to Build Winning Teams and Create Massive Results as a Manager
Date   :  20 May 2015 ,  9 am to 5 pm (Wed)
Venue : The Plaza 02-346 7500A Beach Rd   

Investment :1 pax s$398.00 ; 2 pax & above each is s$349.00 ; 5 Pax & above each is s$299.00 ; 10 Pax & above each is s$249.00

As we know, most managers are promoted based on their technical skills, when in fact it is the managerial skills that will make them successful.

Many new managers go through 4 phases: excitement, confusion, exploration, and performance. At every stage, you need to have the right type of strategies to move forward, otherwise you will be stuck. The result: frustration and the new managers prefer to go back to their old positions.

Whether you are a newly promoted manager or a manager with less than 3 years experience, if you want to be a successful manager, this is just one course that you need to attend.

*** This course qualifies for PIC (Productivity & Innovation Credit), where you can get 60% Cash Back. 
Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. The 4 Stages that every New Manager go through: excitement, confusion, exploration and performance
  2. Changing your BEing: how to upgrade your identity 
  3. The Top 10 Skills that every Effective Manager should possess
  4. ACT 5-Ways to Be an Effective Manager: Get Buy-in, Team Conversion, Quantity of Work, Quality of Work and Value Add
  5. Delegation: how to do effective delegation
  6. ACT 5-Ways to Effective Delegation
  7. Audit of Work done by your subordinates and how
  8. Communication, especially chairing of meetings
  9. Heart at Work: How to Take Care of your suboridnates without them climbing over your head
  10. Thick Face Black Heart: How to be Tough as a Manager without losing your head and heart
  11. Teaching your team about Followership
  12. Leadership Basics
  13. The Ultimate: Upgrading your Team 
  14. Bonus: Top 10 Interview Questions

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