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29 May 2015

The 36 Benefits of Training

  1. Lesser mistakes, resulting in lower rework cost
  2. Higher customer satisfaction, resulting in higher sales
  3. Lower absenteesm, as trained staff fall sick less and are more punctual
  4. Better teamwork, with higher productivity for all
  5. Faster response to challenges at work
  6. Stronger branding in the market
  7. Improvements in cash flow, as training reduces cost and increases output
  8. Higher staff satisfaction, resulting in higher output
  9. Lower conflicts at work, as staff know their work better and result in lesser conflicts
  10. Better recognition in the market, as no one can forget a properly trained staff
  11. More repeat business, as customers are happier
  12. More referred business, which are of higher qualty and value
  13. Higher average transaction value, as trained staff will add more value at work, justifying the higher selling price
  14. Better succession planning, as trained staff can take on more duties and responsibilities
  15. Reduction in head count, as the trained staff can handle more work than before
  16. Improvements in work quality and service quality
  17. Better compliance with regulatory requirements
  18. More workplace effectiveness, as trained staff are doing the right things the right way
  19. Higher work efficiency, as trained staff are doing things right
  20. More motivated staff, resulting in higher productivity
  21. Opportunity to go upmarket, as trained staff produce more upmarket goods and services
  22. Stronger team bonding, as learning together as a team is a strong bonding activity
  23. Stronger sense of ownership, accountability and responsibility
  24. Lesser blame, giving of excuses and denial
  25. Instil in staff a 'can do' attitude, thereby getting results faster and easier
  26. Smoother work flow, resulting in higher productivity
  27. Fewer workplace accidents and better workplace safety for all
  28. No more fire fighting, as trained staff will plan and prepare for all eventualities
  29. Empowered staff that can do more than they think possible
  30. Build up higher sense of confidence and self-esteem in the staff
  31. Workplace happiness, resulting in staff retention and higher work productivity
  32. Reduced unnecessary tools, equipment and consumables, thereby saving cost
  33. Good flow of love in the workplace, as trained staff know how to work well and love his team members
  34. Higher quality customers, resulting in higher quality sales and higher profits
  35. Reduced conflicts with the outside work, including customers, suppliers and the society
  36. Develop staff as a person and grow him as a human being
  37. Because of the above, higher profits and market value for the company
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