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7 Jan 2016

Make an Unbelievable 1,638% from Training Today

It's time to make more money - from training. 3 Steps: 
  1. Know what you want to learn.  Like I want to learn how to negotiate successfully, so I source for such a training program
  2. Learn with an objective in mind. When I attend the course on negotiation, I am not interested to learn everything about negotiation, I just want to apply negotiation to my work situation now.  Assuming I am a buyer, I want to learn how to get a good deal from supplier without being fooled by them
  3. Apply the learning within the next 3 days.  Studies show that unless you apply what you learn within the next 3 days, you will not apply the learning at all.  In fact, people lose money on training in one of these 5 ways, application is the main reason.
To ensure that your training is profitable, you have to compare 2 things:
  1. What you gain from applying the learning. Like I will gain a 1% discount from my vendor when I apply negotiation tactics. Assuming I am purchasing $500,000 a year, that 1% savings translates to an annual savings of $5,000.  
  2. Net Training cost.  The training fee that I paid, less government subsidy.  Assuming I paid $298 to attend a negotiation course, with 60% government's PIC funding, my net training cost is $119.20.  
From the above comparison, there is profit of $4.880.80 (Gain of $5,000 less Net Training Fee $119.20).  This translates into a ROI (Return on Investment) of 1,638%! Which stock can give you this high return in just half a day?  

One more thing: if you are unsure that the training can yield you profits as you are afraid that you cannot apply the learning to your workplace, talk to the training provider.  Ask them to either give you a money-back guarantee or give you free advise.  If the training provider is unwilling or unable to give you this, don't take up the training. Source for another trainer that is able to do this. 

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By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers, details of our courses are at here.  Related articles on training:

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