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28 Reasons Why You Must Use WeChat

Many people, including myself 2 years ago, resisted using WeChat. Why use another messaging app when WhatsApp and Line are so good already?  Well, there are 28 reasons why you must use WeChat:
  1. You get access to people from China, and they only use WeChat and nothing else
  2. You get to know people outside your usual circle, like people who are very familiar with Chinese ways of doing business
  3. You get a brand new mini-website Official Account for free (called Kaidan Mima)
  4. You don't need to download so many apps as what you need is already inside WeChat. This saves you so much time and space on your phone
  5. You can make payments to vendors using WeChat Pay inside WeChat 
  6. You can transfer and receive money from anyone using WeChat Pay
  7. You get a free QR code scanner inside WeChat
  8. You can watch many videos for free inside WeChat's mini-program called Tencent Video
  9. You know there are not one, but 26 ways to add friends on WeChat
  10. You can always add strangers as your friends on WeChat, including strangers that are 2,000 km away from you
  11. You save on data and battery life as Wechat is more efficient than WhatsApp
  12. You won't be watching long videos in your newsfeed called Moments on WeChat as all videos are limited to 15 seconds on Moments
  13. You still can send and receive videos of up to 5 minutes in WeChat messages
  14. You know the value of give first then take in WeChat through this function of Red Packets
  15. Your phone number is never revealed on WeChat
  16. No one on this earth can add you as a friend without your acceptance. This is so unlike WhatsApp, where people can simply message you if they know your mobile number. In WeChat, no one knows your mobile number 
  17. WeChat has very strict censorship rules that help you keep out of stupid messages and sales calls
  18. You know that WeChat is backed by one of the highest value companies in the world called Tencent Holdings Limited. 
  19. You can simply add many people to your contacts by asking them to scan your WeChat QR code. This is unheard of in FB, WhatsApp and FB Messenger
  20. There is even a free fitness tracking app inside WeChat. Just follow this Official Account called "WeRun-WeChat"
  21. You can read the latest news on WeChat under Top Stories and Wow in Discover page
  22. You can do a video conference with your group free-of-charge on WeChat. Just select 'Voice Call' when you are inside a group chat
  23. WeChat has a search function inside and you can search for not just news, but also messages and articles inside WeChat
  24. With 1.1 billion users as of Sep 2019, WeChat is still relatively unknown outside China as only 10% of the 1 billion users are outside China. This makes WeChat a high growth app
  25. WeChat started later than the rest, that's why its functions are better than WhatsApp and Line
  26. You can easily translate 28 languages on WeChat and there is no excuse that you don't know how to use WeChat as you don't read Chinese, the predominant language in WeChat 
  27. WeChat users can change their known names anytime. This makes WeChat very useful in starting or joining Group chats
  28. Everyone says that China is rising and China's Belt and Road Initiative is something we must get in or be left out. China only users WeChat and not Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Youtube, WhatsApp, Line and Facebook Messenger
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at Asia Coaching Training. 

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