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13 Sep 2017

Low cost Learning

As a trainer of 18 years, I know in this economy people want to learn at free or very low cost. That's why I put up 5 of my best courses on Udemy, a worldwide on-line video learning platform at 84% discount.

You can preview and watch them at a very low cost of just S$15, with FREE Lifelong Access, FREE lifetime Coaching via Udemy Q and A and FREE extra materials from me upon request.

Please take a look at them, and I assure you that you will be pleasantly pleased with them. Thanks. Andy Ng

$15 Sun Tzu People Mgt

$15 Psychological Selling

$19 7 Strategies for Limitless Business

$15 5 Steps to Massive Results

$15 How to Win at Work with The 36 Stratagems

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