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6 Sep 2017

Soheaven: Soul for Your Organization, Soul for Yourself

Only when a leader has a soul, can his enterprise have soul!
Established in 1989, Spiritual Ocean International Group (心灵海国际教育集团), the parent company of SOHEAVEN (企业魂), is a Chinese education group that advocates persona land spiritual growth of each individual. 

SOHEAVEN (企业魂) is a subsidiary set up in 2011 to cater to the motto of the company, and that is to build a loving and wealthy paradise on earth.

In the past 5 years,SOHEAVEN (企业魂) has held more than 800world class workshops dubbed ‘The Journey of Creation’, directly influencing more than 300,000 Chinese in their body, soul and spiritual growth spanning China, Taiwan, Hong KongSingapore and Malaysia.

The 21st century is the century of spiritual awakening. 

The in depth study of our own body, soul and spirit is a must to truly understand ourselves and to take us away from the despair and heartache caused by mainly relationship, career and financial problems. Every problem we faced in these three major life categories are all because subconsciously, we are still living in slumber state. Hence, true awakening is the only answer to unlocking the key to the problems.

Only when you are truly awake, can your consciousness be enlightened,
Only when you are truly awake, can your energy stay afresh,
Only when you are truly awake, can you have surpassed power
Only when you are truly awake, can you see your future path clearly.

The journey of creation is one of the few workshops in the world that encompasses all aspect of life in their teachings. 

A three days’ workshop would will let you come to realize how much the limitations you have set in your life with your own beliefs and emotional status can have an effect on your state of being, your actual relationship with your family, your career, your wealth, your health and also motivation in life. Through the workshop, you will win back your power and energy to mould and shape your life and the future as you want it to be.

A life that doesn’t grow will only wilt in the end.
Workshop's Contents:

1. State of Life Diagram
The hardest is to understand oneself, which state are we in?
Which state is our career in?
Which state is our relationship in?
Which state is our wealth in?
How do we go from the state of problem and despair to state of enthusiasm and creation?

2.  Life Phenomenon Diagram
Everything that happens in the physical world is a reflection projected by our inner self. You are the director and scriptwriter of your personal movie.How the movie will play out depends on you. By changing your script, you are able to change your outside world. 

3.  The Vortex of Life Diagram
Faced with problems in career and relationship, why do we often felt so helpless, powerless? What has swept away our will? Where is the answer?

4.  Master Key

Faced with problems in relationship, career and wealth, how do we use a master key to unlock the solution to the problems?

5.  Cosmic Force
Modern day entrepreneur, to rely on yourself to achieve and exceed your goal is very stressful and often unachievable. How to incorporate cosmic force to help you achieve and exceed the goal you set is a class you have to study in depth.

6.  Pathway to Your Inner and Physical World
A true entrepreneur cultivates not only his physical world, but also improves his inner world’s study. How to have balanced studies that take care ofboth his inner self cultivation and also his physical world?

7.  Give it All Dance
An entrepreneur needs to have developed both his masculine and feminine side to ensure that he is an all encompass leader.

8.  Latend Belief Exploration Method

To know and understand that the problems do not lie with your career or your relationship but with your flawed belief.  A simple tool to let you correct your flawed belief which is the root of your problems.
9.  The Four Stages of Paradise on Earth
How to go from nothing to something, from something to full, from full to exceed. A step by step map, without detours, that let you go from the state of despair to state of creation.

10.  Dualismintegration

Problems with business partners and family members often expended a lot of energy. A simple tool that helps you to integrate with your opposites and thus better understand them.

11. Maturity Quotient

Everybody knows our body needs to go to toilet, but how many of us know that we need to get rid of psychological waste as well to ensure our mind’s well-being? As a mature leader, we need to know how to expel these wastes without hurting people around us.

12.  Learn thru the Basic
The height of our studies and knowledge influence the height of our career and relationship. How do we achieve greater heights by learning with depth, width and foresight?

13.  Latent resistance exploration method
Often the reason we did not achieve what we have set up to do its due to latent resistance and fear. This simple tool will help us discover our latent fear and abolish it, enable us to reach our goal. 

14.  Dance of Life and Death
This dance let us confront our deepest fear, the fear of failure and death without actually undergoing the real thing. Once we have confronted and conquer this; there will be no more obstacles in our relationship, career and wealth.

15.  Intimate Relationship
A lot of problems in our enterprise arose from problems in our intimate relationship. When there are conflicts in our personal relationship, it will take away our energy that could be invested in our career. 

16.  Reading of Reading Talent
Some entrepreneurs faced a lot of obstacles when managing their enterprise as they have to be involved in all aspects of the business or that they have lost their way. What is the meaning of your career in your life? How to read everyone's given talent so as to place all the team members in the correct position, thereby reducing your stress?

17.  Life Career
 In 5 years, 10 years’ time, how to incorporate health, interest and wealth into your career, this will help you to build your life career.

18.  Building Team Spirit
What are the key elements in building team spirit? What are the blueprints to follow?

19.  Integration of Wealth Belief
What is the meaning of wealth? How do we increase our perception of wealth through mental cultivation and techniques to acquire greater wealth?

20.  Establishment and Inheritance of Life Mission
You have the competence to manage your career, but how do you find continuous enthusiasm and motivation from the early years during your entrepreneurship to bring your career to a new height? 

1.We have expended too much energy and time to deal with problems in our relationship, career and wealth. We need a greater breakthrough!

2. Why do we always feel like we have no energy to breakthrough? Only when we find the source of the problem can achieve a state of enthusiasm and creation.

3. As a leader, you would need to be able to achieve breakthrough and pull yourself out from the vortex of problems and lead your staffs and family to true joy and happiness.

Workshop's Contents:
It is a workshop that has infused thousand years of wisdom found in eastern teachings with western scientific method. The contents have been refined by our head instructor through his 20 years of experience in giving talks and classes in this field.

Principles of workshop:
1.          The Journey of Creation illustrates the relationship between belief and experience. Through various levels of tests via group discussions and individual exploration, this class is designed to help you to decide if the relationship between belief and experience is really there and how it has influenced your decision making.
2.          Hands on practices in class to help you understand the blueprint of your life and your belief, and to deeply understand yourself. Only when you truly understand yourself, will you have more compassion and self-awareness.
3.          To rid ourselves of flaws in our belief that is inherited from our family. In time, what we belief and what we know to be the truth is through ourown core understanding and not influenced by our upbringing and surrounding. Learnwhat impede our life from running smoothly all the time.
4.          The workshop will let you discover what you really want in your life and let you understand there is no limit in your life, only a limit in your belief.
5.          Learn to turn your deepest foes into your guardians. Prevent yourself from getting hurt by reducing your exposure to destructive belief. Easily replace pressure by observation. Learn to live in the present by having no judgment, no separation and no distortion of truth.
6.          Anything that hinder your progress, and prevent you from being the source of your own creation will be banished as experienced instructors guide you to enlightenment, and let you be the architect of your own belief structure.
7.          Lastly, in small group activities, help you change your physiological responses, interpersonal conflict, dependence, restrictions, continual existence of problems not resolved (situation not able to jumped out of), and (in the absence of disagreement and controversy) the elimination of others flawed beliefs.

Systemic approach, with usage of tools, to treat your inner world (psychological needs).

Systemic learning with usage of tools in business management and business model.

This system helps you to achieve growth and wealth both internally and externally.

Interpreting depth spiritually your life’s connection to your career, wealth, intimate relationship, parent-child relationship, health, given talent, and your life’s vision and other 7 major living aspects, through high energy seminar, using 145 mental cultivation methods. Through practices and own experiences, you can easily learn 7 practical psychological tools and implement it in your daily life, and the results will also be better with frequent practice. The seminar utilizes many technological advanced methods in the workshop, for example music, lighting emotion expression, own experience activities, mentor-mentee relationship, dance and meditation. Through these series of exercises, you will be able to experience the change in your energy level, and achieve inner peace, relaxation, joy and happiness.

Robert Yu (游明裕-多媒体教学)
Head instructor and Creator of this workshop

•Co-founder of Spiritual Ocean International Group
•Co-founder of HEAVEN Gaia SPA Lifestyle Education System
•Co-founder of Musicfrom the Heart Splendor Spiritual Dance Restaurant Business
•Head Instructor of Spiritual Ocean International Group
•Head Instructor of America’s Brian Tracy Self Development Courses in ChinaTaiwan and Malaysia.
•Head Instructor of “Parents School psychological assistance project” organized by China’s Children and Teenagers Education fund.
•Specialized in Reading of Business Trend, Leadership development, interpersonal relationship, Professional Marketing, evolution of consciousness, inner strength inspiration, consultation development, the training and development of speakers and trainers, leaving his mark in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and many other countries.
•Classes he has founded and established includes:  Corporate Soul, The Prophet Dancers, Miracle of Life, Life Transformation, The Dawn of Life, Leaders Force Consultation, Pioneer Trainer Training, Senju Wish Trainer Training, Happiness Password
•Invited to give talks in various major insurance companies, multinational companies, industries, associations, schools and government departments.

The Journey of Creation workshop is an interactive workshop. Participants will be divided into groups of 4, and three groups will be assisted by a supervisor, forming a large group of 12. The supervisor are seniors coming from ChinaHongKong, TaiwanSingapore and Malaysia and will assist in all activities.

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