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20 Sep 2017

Self Discover to Breakthrough Success

As a full-time Trainer Coach since 2001, I got exposed to many companies.  I realized that most business problems, be it human or cash flow, boil down to one factor: lack of sales and people issues

I discovered that what my clients can achieve is dependent on their state of mind, not the environment.
In August 2017, through my trainer friend Nancy Li, I know a Taiwanese training company called Soheaven of Xing Ling Hai International. They have 29 years track record in training hundreds of thousands of people in China, Taiwan, Malaysia etc

On September 8 to 10, I joined 80 people to attend Soheaven’s flagship 3-days program called Journey of Creation (Mandarin).  Through this program, I examined my inner self and achieved breakthroughs in my business, family relations, and life.

I now want to take on the challenge of becoming Soheaven’s authorized trainer, with focus on the English market.  I believe that there are lots of people in this world that need this Self-Discovery training program.

Do you want to explore further on this Soheaven’s Journey of Creation program?

Date: 22/9 Fri 7.10 to 9.50 pm
Venue: 229 Mountbatten Rd 03-33
Fee: Free for friends, others $199
To register, click

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