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5 Sep 2017

WeChat Official Account Benefits

Now you can save on thousands of dollars to set up and maintain websites and mobile apps when you set up your very own mobile site called WeChat Official Account. Each business can set up 5 Official Accounts for free.

Why pay consultants thousands of dollars to set up Official Accounts for you when you can do it yourself for free?

Come to learn how to create your own Official Account at our 17th run 100% SkillsFuture funded course: 

Date: 27 Sep Thur 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Venue: 28 Sin Min Lane 05-137
Fee: $450 (no cash out front if you use your SkillsFuture Credit)

Limit to 8 seats as this is hands-on learning
To register, text to Andy at 8201 4347 now!

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