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3 Sep 2017

My Story of The 36 Stratagems

In 2009, I was walking along Sago Lane in Chinatown and came across a shop selling bamboo strips, the type of old non-paper books used in ancient China.

The shopkeeper told me, 'Take a look, young man'. The book has a title 三十六计, which means 36 Stratagems.

To verify that this is the right book that people talked about, I asked her, 'Where is 'Escape is the best'?'. She said, 'at the end'.

She explained that escape is always the last resort, not the first thing to do when a problem arises.

Indeed I was escaping from a problem at that time. I could not come up with an interesting topic for my lecture to CPA Australia, and I was thinking of turning down that speaking engagement.

With that lesson from her,  I bought that bamboo strip book, used it for my speech at CPA Australia dinner, and it was a roaring success.

From then on I have been studying and researching this topic 36 Stratagems. The Stratagems have given me tools and ways to solve my business problems, get more business and be ahead of others.

Today I am proud to say that I am the one and only speaker that speaks on this topic worldwide, in English. This topic has brought me to as far as Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and China

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