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20 Apr 2014

Asking Limitless Questions in 5 Ways

Questions are the answers, and if you want the right answers you must ask the right questions.  

Most people never ask questions, and when they ask questions, they often ask the wrong questions.  You know that your question is wrong when it does not give you the answer that you want.  Note that asking stupid questions is still better than asking the wrong questions.  Also, asking questions at the wrong time, either too early or too late, is also counter productive. 

It's obvious that when your question restricts or limits you, it is not a right question.  On the other hand, right questions place no limits on your choices, they are also called Limitless Questions.  There are 5 Ways to Ask Limitless Questions:
  1. Questions that Open Up Your Choices and not limit them.  Like "How can I do this in future?" "What resources can I tap into?" vs "Can I do this in future?"
  2. Questions that Lead you to Real Choices and not pseudo choices.  A pseudo choice is an impossible choice where your chance of success is very slim.  Putting this as a choice may, on the surface seems limitless, but in reality is limiting you.  Like with your current budget you only can afford a Japanese car but you ask yourself "Is Mercedes or BMW better?", you are really asking a stupid question that discourages others to answer you.  
  3. Questions that encourage others to answer 'no'.  Like you ask people "Are you free to talk?" versus "Am I calling you at the bad time?", the former prompts others to say no while the latter lures them to say yes to you. 
  4. Questions that Uplift People.  Like "Can I count on you?" versus "Can you do this?" and "If not you, who else?" versus "Can you be the one?"
  5. Questions that Lead Others to Say Yes.  We called this in our Sales Power training "Yes Questions".  There are in fact 8 ways to ask Yes Questions.  We shall cover this in another blog.  For now, use these 5 limitless questions and your life will be limitless.  
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