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10 Apr 2014

Wild Swings Monkeys and You

I'm sure you have realized that this is getting more common nowadays: we are being subjected to wild swings instead of gradual swings. 

In business, companies like to ignore customers' feedback and insist on pushing their new products to the market and forcing their customers to upgrade.  You see this in PC, mobile phones and TVs.  As the new product did not take into account customers' feedback, they will invariably fail.  The companies have no choice but to re-introduce back the old product.  A good example is mobile giant Samsung, who has taken out the micro SD card in its phones in 2015 only to be put back in 2016

Salespeople too like to subject their customers to wild swings.  When business is good, salespeople have no time to service customers and customers are forced to fend on their own.  When times are bad, salespeople have all the time and they visit their customers everyday and over-service them, until the customers cried out 'Buay Ta-han!' (meaning cannot stand). 

Management too like to ignore bad habits that are creeping up in their teams, like inordinate time spent on Facebook and What'sapp chat rooms.  When one day things got out of hand (like one staff spread rumours on facebook), management decided to dis-able facebook and whatsapp on the staff mobile phones and PC.  Now the staff are so inconvenienced that work is affected. Another example of wild swings. 

Please understand that we are human beings and not monkeys.  We cannot take wild swings.  Firstly wild swings are very destabilising.  Secondly wild swings indicate the lack of management planning and control. Thirdly, people will interpret your wild swing policies as insensitive to peoples' needs and uncaring.  Too often wild swings end up as over control, leaving us living robotic lives.  

Instead of wild swings, why not make changes gradually?  Change one step at a time, and give people time to get used to the changes.  Most importantly, educate people on the importance of changes.  Never, never, never push sudden changes down peoples' throats as this is most barbaric. 

Like you can limit the time on Facebook to just lunch time and condone lateness as long as it is not more than 15 minutes.  Any tightening should be done gradually so that people have time to adjust.  

Remember, if you treat people like monkeys by subjecting them to wild swings, you are breeding wild monkeys that may one day turn against you.  Just look at the dismal sales of Windows 8 operating system and Windows 8 mobile phones and you'll know what I am talking about.  Instead, adopt the Android system of gradual updates, for the secrets that make Android successful, read here.

By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers.  You can now get our team of 3 trainers to go down to your premise and conduct in-house training and get government PIC cash back of 60% (will be reduced to 40% from 1 August 2016 onwards).  For details, text to our office at 8201-4347 (8 am to 8 pm only).  Related articles:
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