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19 Apr 2014

Have You Taken Wholesome Food Today?

When we say that a food is wholesome, we mean that it is healthy, conducive and generally sound.  Same for thoughts and actions, for they can wholesome or unwholesome.  

It is not the act that is good or bad, but it is the act's wholesomeness that will determine if that act is good or bad.  

For example, if you are sleepy and tired, sleep is wholesome.  But if you sleep whole day, sleep will become unwholesome and thus no good.  If we hurt someone and regret it, that regret is wholesome.  But if your regret leads you to a guilt complex that colours whatever that you do in future, that regret is unwholesome. 

In the same vein, when our thinking helps us to see clearly, thinking is wholesome.  But if our thinking is clouded by prejudice and inhibits us from seeing clearly, that thinking is unwholesome.  Here are 7 ways that we can can live more wholesomely everyday:
  1. Start with the right intention: is it only for our own good and not for others?  For example, if you scold someone, is it for you to vent your own anger or is it to get that person to wake up?  Intention determines everything.
  2. Eat wholesome foods and avoid unwholesome foods
  3. Breath in and out wholesomely, which means have slower and more calm breadths
  4. Expose your mind with wholesome things like positive words and phrases, uplifting stories, inspiring experiences and healthy ideas.  Be on the guard for unwholesome thoughts so that they will never enter your mind.
  5. Appreciate what you have now instead of complaining what it should be now.  Appreciation allows us to see the good in what we have now and from here we can develop wholesome thoughts and actions. 
  6. Work on improving yourself everyday.  One of the best way to do this is reflection: what have I done today that is better than yesterday?  If by 9 pm you still cannot find it, start doing it now.  This could be a new learning, care and love for someone.
  7. Serve or Help others.  Service to others is life's highest purpose, for the inner happiness that you derive from helping or serving others is second to none.  This must be the wholesome act that is beyond yourself. 

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