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25 Apr 2014

How I Become Powerful Instantly without taking Drugs

We know that nothing ever happens to us is a good thing or bad thing from its own side, because, if it were, then everyone would experience it that way as well.  For example, we may find someone irritating in the workplace, as if his 'irritating-ness' were something inside him that was flowing out and flying across the room to us.  That of course is not true.  That person's irritating-ness was just our perception. In reality there is almost always someone who finds this person to be good and lovable. 

In short, people have no quality within themselves.  People are neutral, blank or empty.  What we experience is just our perception.

What causes our perception?  It is a combination of factors: our own experience, the environment, our opinion, others' opinion and most importantly, our own state of mind. If we are in a joyful or loving state of mind, we will have positive perceptions.  If we are in an angry or hatred state of mind, we will have negative perceptions.  That's why they say that what we personally experience as irritating is actually coming from ourselves.   The way we see things is coming from nowhere but ourselves.  

Once we understand this, we can become powerful instantly.  For we now know that everything begins with us and if we change the way we see things, things will start to change instantly.  How can we use this to our advantage?  We need to have so called positive mental imprints.  To do so we need to do the following 5 things:
  1. Love ourselves, as only with love can we see things from a loving angle
  2. Be grateful with what you have, for gratitude is the starting point for us to appreciate ourselves
  3. Have an open mind, for only when the mind is open can it be filled with positive imprints
  4. Have peace within ourselves, for only with a calm mind can we be positive
  5. Consciously feed our minds with positive imprints, like this article, or go for quality training that not only teach you things that you may not know, but also solve your problem on hand.  Take a look at the write-up of some of our programs and you'll have a positive mindset soon.  
Note: The above article is extracted from "The Diamond Cutter" book, the world's oldest printed book.  Other related articles include:

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