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24 Apr 2014

Insanely Simple Way to Get Good Performance from Anyone

This is so shockingly simple and yet few use it because we were trained in schools to be one-sided in our social interaction.  My participant at this morning training just sent me an email saying that the training 'was very good and motivating'.  I replied him that I was just responding to the participants who were so hungry and eager to learn and they made me unconsciously and consciously go the extra mile.  

Scientists today conclude that your mere act of observing something will influence that thing's behaviour.  So if I look at you with curiosity and enthusiasm, I will make you want to share with me more and motivate me.  On the other hand, if I look at you with prejudiced lens, my negativeness will make you become defensive and hold back giving it all in your performance. 

So my friend this is the insanely simple way to getting high performance from your team: Look at them with an open heart.  When your heart is unlocked, your mind will be wide opened and with it ideas will just flow like a waterfall.  Opening your hearts mean that you give that person positive emotions in the following 7 ways:
  1. Portray a Pleasant Attitude
  2. Be Grateful
  3. Carry a Warm and friendly smile
  4. Show your Eagerness to find out more and learn from them by asking questions
  5. Adopt an Open body posture that is not tense and fairly relaxed
  6. Listen to beyond what they say (tonality, voice, pitch, pace, resonance and facial expressions)
  7. Most importantly, get into the flow of interactions and suspend your judgement for the moment.
You can try this out easily for new staff or people that you seldom interact.  It's difficult for you to do this to a person that you have been dealing with for a while and both of you have negative opinions of each other.  But if you have patience and sincerity, people will be moved sooner or later.  In short, take the first step and give the other person a positive emotion!

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