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10 Jul 2014

Doing the 6 Things that You're Supposed to Be Doing

As we know, a great man is not one that does great things but one that does greatly in what he is supposed to be doing.  We all know what are the right things to do, but due to work pressures and meeting the demands of others, we tend to divert our focus.  If you're reading this newsletter, I hope to inspire you to do the following 6 things so that you can be happier at work:
  1. Do the best for the day, and not wait for another day to come.  This means not holding back and give it your all
  2. Continuously upgrade your skills, attitudes and knowledge. One good way is to get someone outside (like a Trainer) to challenge your thinking.  For if you change your thinking, your life will change
  3. Improve your inter-personal skills.  Know how to empathize with people and not just push your way through. Have high self-awareness and equip yourself with EQ and profiling skills
  4. Know how to be tough.  Get driven and be tough to take tough actions.   Know that different situation calls for different action and sometimes the toughest action to take is to take no action and wait for a better timing!
  5. Have inner peace of mind and not rely on external stimuli to make yourself happy.  For external stimuli are never enough but inner peace is non exhaustible. One good way to do is to read good materials like this blog
  6. Be ready for the worst but plan for the best.  Most people do the opposite: they plan for the worst and not ready for the worst, and they end up unable to survive.
By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers.  Those that want to take action now can sign up for the latest management course How to be a Better Manager, which is starting on 4 August 2014. Details are at here. Related articles:

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