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6 Apr 2015

Get Everything You Want in Life by Pressing the Hot Buttons

Find their hot buttons, press their hot buttons, we have heard these thoughts before; but what do they mean? Is it to say that as a salesperson you should try to discover their primary areas of interest? How do these hot buttons help you close sales?  What is a Hot Button?

Hot button is not to be confused with Benefits or Emotions, nor is it about Fear and Force. In sales, a Hot button is a Trigger that once activated, the person will not go back to the original state of mind. This means that when you press the hot button, a sale will result. You do not need to close the sale as the sale is already yours.

Note that different people have different hot buttons, and they too differ at different time. Also note that You as a Salesperson is also a hot button, the same goes for your company marketing, branding and positioning.  As I learnt from Barry Feig: author of best-selling book Hot Button Marketing, there are at least 14 hot buttons:

#1: Hot Button, The desire for control
Control is one of the strongest Hot buttons. People want to make their life better. Loss of control is synonymous with a fear of the unknown.

Companies like control as well. They prefer to stay with suppliers they can trust rather than shopping around. They feel like they are in control.

#2 Hot Button, I’m better than you
People are willing to pay dearly to enhance themselves in the eye of their peers.

People won't admit that they buy a product on status appeal. As with most hot buttons, consumers aren’t aware that they are buying products based on snob appeal.

#3 Hot button, The excitement of discovery

#4 Hot button, Revaluers

  • Revaluers are a segment of the market that is self motivated, self-directed, and self focused.
  • Don’t sell to them, Allow revaluers to make their own purchasing decisions.
  • Revaluers focus more on the experience of buying a product rather than the products. Whole Foods is an experience.
#5 Hot button, Family Values
The hottest of hot buttons: Disney World and the entire Disney brand sells family values.

#6 Hot button, The desire to Belong

  • People are social animals. Emotional connections are critical.
  • We all long to be accepted. This need to belong is all wrapped up in our sense of personal and physiological well-being and our sense of personal worth.  Athletes when they retire never talk about their accolades that they will miss. It is always about the camaraderie in the locker room that they will miss. Being with the others.
#7 Hot Button, Fun is its own reward
  • People have a fear of boredom. People want to be stimulated.
  • Most sales are made when the sales people take the clients out. The feeling people get when they have fun is more important than the product. People want to have fun.  More deal are done on the golf course than in the boardroom.
#8 Hot button, Poverty of Time
People have more time than ever before, but they tend to use all the time they have.

#9 Hot button, The need to get the best that can be got

  • Harley Davidson motorcycles have a tendency to breakdown, but people still covet them. Same as jaguars.
  • Self satisfaction is most important to this person since it fulfills a private dream and the reward is inner gratification.
  • The best that can be got is beyond money, beyond power, it is a feel good thing.
#10 Hot Button, Self Achievement
  • People always want to become better. Feeling good is the heart of success. It’s the ultimate in self achievement and success.
  • Self achievement is a major goal for people. Find out what the deepest desire for your product is.
  • Psychologists know that as adults we seek praises from our bosses as much as we seek a good paycheck.
  • The strongest word in the human language is a person's name. The second strongest is you.
#11 Hot button, Reinventing Oneself
Most often people don’t change unless thy are uncomfortable.
Dissatisfaction with who people think they are, their role in life, or economic dissatisfaction forces people to take inventory of themselves. They want to fix it.

#12 Hot Button, Make me smarter

  • People want to think they are smart. People want to know more than their peers, neighbors, and friends
  • Knowledge brings a feeling of empowerment and enables consumers to make better buying decisions.
  • Does your product do one of these things for people? How many of these does your product do for your customer? Entertain, To make better choices, To improve ones life, To learn something new, To keep ones mind sharp, To hope, To build self-confidence, To discover alternate plans that can be followed when Plan A doesn’t work.
#13 Hot button, Power, dominance, and influence
  • In middle management you sell by what's in it for the middle manager (secondarily the company). It could be a promotion, more money, or an in to more power. It’s up to the sales person to make the middle managers look good. Middle managers tend to buy things that increase their personal dominance and may help them look good to higher-ups. 
  •  Upper management usually wants products that are good for the company, because in their minds they are the company.
#14 Hot Button, Wish Fulfillment
  • Find out what your prospects want and how to fit that into their dreams. Help them get what attainable.  The advertising industry exploits wish-fulfillment by suggesting an association of their product with a specific desire (good health, attractiveness, or power)
  • Sell the results of the dream not the dream itself.  The most common wishes are for friends, happiness, health, marriage, money, success, self-improvement, and to help other people. More men than women wanted sex and power. More women wanted happiness, a better appearance, and greater health.
Learn how to Use Triggers to Get People to Buy Happily NOW
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Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. Problem with most salespeople: lack of trigger
  2. Definition of Hot Button, how it differs from Features, Advantages, Benefits, Fear, Emotions & Logic
  3. The 3 Types of Emotions that Trigger People to Act
  4. 5-Ways to Trigger Hot Buttons: Uncover Problems, Trigger Pain, Intensify Pain, Create the Heaven and Give them the Pay-off Now
  5. Top 25 Strategies on the above, including role play and case study
  6. Dealing with Prospects that hide their emotions
  7. The Importance of Dao in Hot Button Selling
  8. The Ultimate in Hot Button Selling: Creating Raving Fans 
  9. Bonus: Using Lee Kuan Yew Strategies to Sell the World

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