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26 Apr 2015

How to Double Profits with Your Existing Staff

Many bosses think of their staff cost as an expense, and some even think that if you cut staff cost, your profits will increase permanently.  

We know that whether something is a cost or revenue depends on how you make use of it. For example, my mobile phone is not a cost but a revenue generator for me because I use it to get business from WeChat, Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail and Blogs.  Today I shall teach everyone the 5 steps that you can turn all your staff cost into profits:

Step 1: Convert All Your Staff into Low Maintenance Staff
Low maintenance staff are those that do not cost you money to maintain, like a low maintenance car. Common maintenance cost for staff include supervision cost, sick leave, correction of mistakes and discipline control.  

Step 2: Convert Low Maintenance Staff into Winning Team Members
A winning team member is one that is on the same side as you and wins for himself and the team.  One of the fastest way to make people work as a team is to reward them for participating and let them reap the rewards from team synergy.  For example, instead of getting individuals to achieve their own targets, I get them to work together. With proper team leadership and management, the team would produce more results than the sum of the individuals.  This is called team synergy

Step 3: Get Higher Quantity of Work from the Team
Instead of working at the usual targets, I set higher targets because the team now has synergy. 

Step 4: Get Higher Quality of Work from the Team
Once the quantity is there, I focus on quality.  This is like focus on profits instead of sales volume. 

Step 5: Get Higher Value Add from the Team
This is to go one step further: not only do we have quantity and quality of work, we go for higher value.  Like what Samsung is doing now for its mobile phones, Galaxy S6 Edge now sells at higher price than its competitor iPhone 6.  The 6 ways to go for higher value is to focus on these 6 things: higher margin sales, higher productivity, lower expense ratio, improvement in cash flow, reduction in waste and rework and happier work life for all.

The following illustration easily explains the above. 

Imagine I start with 10 Low Maintenance Staff.  If I convert 70% to Winning Team Members, I have 7 Winning Team Members. 

If these 7 Winning Team Members give me 10 units of quantity of work, and the work quality is 80%, I have 7 x 10 x 80% =  56 units 

If each unit is worth $10,000, my profits is 56 x $10,000 =$560,000

How I Increase My Profits by 61% with Just a 10% Increase:
                                                  Start            Increase       Outcome
Low Maintenance Staff                   10                 10%                 11
                  x                                 x                   x                    x
Team Conversion                          70%                 10%                77% 
                  =                                 =                                           = 
Winning Team Members                  7                                        8.47
                 x                                  x                                         x
Work Quantity                          10 units             10%              11 units
                x                                  x                                          x
Work Quality                              80%                 10%                 88%
                 =                                =                                          = 
Work Results                             56 units                               82 units
                 x                                 x                                          x
Value Added                            $10,000             10%              $11,000
                 =                                 =                                          = 
Team Profits                            $560,000                              $902,000

From here you can see that there is a leveraged increase in profits: with just at 10% increase in each of the 5 lines, we have a 61% increase in profits

How do we double profits?  Just increase by 15% as follows:
                                                  Start            Increase       Outcome
Low Maintenance Staff                   10                 15%               11,5
                  x                                 x                   x                    x
Team Conversion                          70%                15%               80.5% 
                  =                                 =                                           = 
Winning Team Members                  7                                        9.26
                 x                                  x                                         x
Work Quantity                          10 units             10%              11.5 units
                x                                  x                                          x
Work Quality                              80%                 10%                 92%
                 =                                =                                          = 
Work Results                             56 units                               98 units
                 x                                 x                                          x
Value Added                            $10,000             10%              $11,500
                 =                                 =                                          = 
Team Profits                            $560,000                             $1,126,664

For details on how to work on the above, come for this best-selling course How to Be a Better Manager

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5. Anthony Robbins concept of 6 Human Needs in Management
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2. What is Perturbation and How to Push through
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6. What to Do When Others Do Not Follow You?
* Bonus: Game on How to Do the Impossible (cut wood with paper)

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