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16 Apr 2015

Living In Your Dreams or Living Your Dreams?

Are you living your dreams or are you living in your dreams?

Many people get motivated when they are fulfilling their dreams.

There are those that live in their dreams every day.  They are always hoping for a better tomorrow.

Successful people do not live in their dreams. They make their dreams happen. They are living their dreams every day.

Whether you are now working for people or working for yourself, if you too want to get more out of your life, you need to watch this video by Kim Hui, one of the most successful trainers in business America.

Your No-Fear Guide to Being an Entrepreneur Now
Date   :  26-Apr-16 ,  7 to 9 pm (Thur)
Venue : The Plaza 02-346 7500A Beach Rd   
Investment : $20 each,  $15 each for 2 and above. $10 each for 5 and above
Many people get into business to make money. 99.99% of people want to be a millionaire.

Successful people have financial freedom and like what they are doing. They have a life.

How to build a business that will give you wealth and regular income for years to come? What business should you be in? How to turn your business into a Money-Making Machine?

To find out more, hear from the experts. Wealth Directions, one of Singapore top seminar co. and Andy Ng, a top Business Coach that has helped over 167 businesses, will show you how to START & SUCCEED IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS and BE YOUR OWN BOSS now...
Power-packed Contents Include:
1. Update of the Economy and why now is good time to start business
2. Test on Can You Be An Entrepreneur?
3. What Business Should You Be In?
4. Five Criteria for Successful Business
5. How NOT to Fall into Trap of Technician, Hobbyist, Professional or Manager
6. 5-Ways Business Building Leverage - Leads, Conversion, Transactions, Dollar Sale and Margins
7. Top 10 Ways to Get Clients without money
8. How to Register a business/obtain licenses
9. Five Steps to Starting your own business now

Bonus: How to Get Your First Sale within 2 weeks
Ready tools to start your business
Ideas to overcome your challenges
Fast Track to Business Success
Ideas to generate sales w/o money
Develop yourself and your team
Profitable business from 9th month onwards
Live a LIFE and Be Happy! 
For Who to Attend:
1. People still looking for a Job or Better Job
2. Businessepeople that are running their own business now and want to be more successful
3. All that want to be THEIR OWN BOSS. 

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