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10 Apr 2015

Win All Business with Sun Tzu 7 Secrets

Sun Tzu's Art of War is now considered a sales bible for people that want to succeed in business.  There are 7 little secrets of Sun Tzu: 
  1. Strong System Led by Strong Leaders.  A strong system led by poor leaders will make a system poor. It is not the product that sells but the company's system and leadership that sell.  Xiaomi has no better products than Sony, LG and Motorol.  Yet Xiao Mi is the world's number 3 mobile phone maker. All because of its strong leader Lei Jun. 
  2. Over Train. A team is only as good as its training. Sun Tzu knows that you can train a person for 10 years to fight a 1 day war. Yet it is the little skill that makes the difference. All these come from intense and over training. 
  3. Go High. Reach customers at the highest level possible. Sometimes the highest level is the secretary.
  4. One in a Million. Pitch your product at a level that no other competitor can fight, like having a unique feature (eg Samsung flexible Yoom phone)
  5. Passion Pays. Go beyond the benefits of your products and focus on your company's passion and strong belief, even if the market is not ready for it;
  6. Managing Director. Get the highest level in your company (eg MD) to approach the prospect, and look at the awe in their face!
  7. Be Weak.  Instead of mentioning your strengths, mention all your weaknesses. Your prospect will be shocked that you're so upfront and he will think that the weaknesses will not pose much problems if you are sincere. Then show your confidence of resolving the weaknesses.
By Andy Ng, whose programs Sun Tzu Art of War for Sales was delivered also in Philppines, Malaysia and Chinatown. Whether you’re leading your sales team or working hard in your daily sales, come and join over 9,879 people in 7 countries and learn from 2,500 years of wisdom. The next run for Leadership with Sun Tzu Art of War is on 6 May 2016 Friday 2 to 6 pm. Hurry! Limited seats available. Get your sales team to attend for maximum effectiveness! Register via reply email or call Idah at 6225-1784. Or do it online at here.


Succeed in Your Leadership with Art of War wisdom and 36 Stratagems
Date: 6 May 2016 Friday 2 to 5.30 pm
Venue : The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Rd (inside Parkroyal Hotel building)   
Investment :1 pax s$298.00 ; 2 pax & above each is s$249.00 ; 5 pax & above each is s$199.00 ; 10 pax & above each is s$149.00 ; 15 pax & above each is s$129.00.
Sun Tzu (or Sūn Zǐ in pinyin) was a 500 BC Chinese general, military strategist, and author of The Art of War, an immensely influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy. Many great leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan study his work and became legendary leaders. Many corporate leaders paid thousands of dollars to attend courses to learn Sun Zi secrets. 
We at Asia Trainers believe that you too can learn master his secrets with just two hundred dollars. This is because we take the essence and compile them into a 4-hour course that will leave you with just enough materials to lead your team to greater heights. Since October 2010, we have trained over 1,137 leaders coming from countries including Hong Kong, Japan, Myanmar and even China. 
The most valuable lesson out of his 13 chapter of 5,000 words must be found in the 3rd chapter: Win Without Fighting. 
As translated from The Art of War: Generally, in war the best thing is to take the enemy state whole and intact; to ruin it is inferior to this. To capture the entire army is better than to destroy it. Hence, to win on hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.
To subdue the enemy without fighting is supreme excellence. In short, win without fighting is the best. 
How does it apply to your leadership? 
  1. Enemy here refers to not your enemy but your team that you are leading. 
  2. Take the enemy state whole and intact means you must lead your team wholly with not just their bodies, but also their minds, hearts and spirits. 
  3. Never destroy the bodies, minds, hearts and spirits of your team. So you cannot over-work them for you will be destroying their bodies and minds. You also cannot break their hearts by not delivering on your promises and make them give up on you. Finally, you may destroy their spirits when you unknowingly make them a fool in front of others.
  4. To win without fighting in leadership is to lead without your team knowing that you are leading them. A leader is at his best when people barely knows he exists, when the work is done, the team will say: we did it ourselves. This is because the leader has empowered the team so much and they have become so competent that they are mini leaders themselves, thus the leader is leading without actually leading them. This must be the highest form of leadership. Lead without Leading. 
  5. If you too want to be a great leader, learn from the master.


  1. Sun Zi Art of War demystified and simplified 
  2. Applying the Five Elements of Sun Zi (Mission, Climate, Ground, Leader and Methods) to your leadership now
  3. How to Know Yourself Know Others per Sun Zi
  4. 36 Stratagems as applied in Leadership
  5. Real Life Cases from Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela
  6. Winning over people using Sun Zi Straight and Odd Stratagems
  7. The Ultimate in Sun Zi: Take the entire Nation (body, mind, heart & spirit)
  1. Practical Ideas to be an effective Leader
  2. Align Entire Team to Real Results
  3. Increase Productivity & Teamwork
  4. More impetus to achieve more with less
  5. Happier and more Fulfilling Life!
For Who to Attend:
  1. All Managers, Directors and Executives who want to win more people to your side


AndyTheCoach has use Sun Tzu Art of War and 36 Stratagems to apply in leadership. I like the part on Besiege Wei to Save Zhao and Kill with a Borrowed Knife
Andrew Tan, CFO, Visa International Pte Ltd
Very inspirational. I enjoyed the movie clips with the right messages driven. Thanks AndyTheCoach at
Eileen Quek, Operations Manager, Knight Frank Estate Management Pte Ltd
AndyTheCoach at has given us good ideas on leadership using very practical ideas passed from 2,500 years - Sun Zi Art of War and 36 Stratagems. I enjoyed every minute of his course.
Edward Wong, Manager, The Neilsen Company (S) Pte Ltd


Sales Coach Andy Ng has 28 years experience: He started doing business at the age of 5. Since 1996, Andy has trained over 81,413 people in 14 countries. His Magnetic Selling DVD and e-book SUN ZI FOR SALES have sold hundreds of copies in 5 countries. Asia Coaching Training was, from 2001-2007, the licensee for Action International in Singapore. The clients trained by Andy include SingTel, SIM, Manulife Financial, Walton International, DBS Group, M1, Yakun, BreadTalk, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Gillette, F & N Foods, Kaplan Asia and Teleperformance Asia. Visit our blog and see him in action at


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