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23 Apr 2015

Selling With a Difference

Before you can sell anything to anybody, do you yourself have the conviction in what you are selling?  Will you buy what you are selling?

There is no difference in selling to a corporate or a consumer: we are all selling to human beings. The 8 basic principles of selling: 

  1. Never treat your customers as people that pay you, treat them as people that you pay them. Or course we don't pay customers money but we must definitely pay attention to their needs or we won't get paid.  
  2. Look at sales objections as points of concern and opportunities for you to help them: the customer is asking you for help.  If you have the compassion and kindness, you will welcome objections, for they give you a chance to serve them
  3. It's better to contact customers even if you have nothing to update them or sell to them. Out of sight means out of mind. In today's world, cyber contact is more prevalent than physical contact. 
  4. Whenever salespeople become complacent, introduce competition in the team. Competition makes people better and gives the young ones equal chance of success 
  5. A good salesperson leads his customers by inspiring them, not forcing them to buy 
  6. Good Salesmanship is not about who sells the most, but who that still sell when people say no. The problem is most salespeople don't even follow-up, and they don't even know or care if their customers say no. Most salespeople just give a proposal and have zero follow-up! 
  7. When you have a team of high performing salespeople, you either promote them fast or pay them big. If not they will exit fast 
  8. One of the fastest way to increase your sales is send them for sales training. For only in training will they be able to validate what they know and learn things that they may not know. 
Outsell Your Competition and See Your Sales Soar
Date   :  29-Apr-15 ,  9 am to 5 pm (Wed)
Venue : The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Rd (inside Parkroyal Hotel)   
Fee: $398 each, $299 each for 2 and above, $199 each for 4 and above (after PIC 60% claim is only $79.6 per person)
Yes, the market does not consider your products to be unique and must have. Many simply do not see a need for it. They say that your cost is too high and cannot see the value of your proposal. Should You Give Up or Give All You Have?

The above scenario was what Apple Inc. went through in 2010. Now Apples I-Pad is the world fastest selling computer. Experts say Apple has cracked the sales code and even sell ice to the Eskimos!

Apple knows it is not what you sell but how you that matters. Incorporating contents Matthew Dixon's book THE CHALLENGER SALE and other gurus, this course will give you the strategies and tactics that others take a lifetime to master. Focused around real life cases of selling, including your case studies, Sales Coach Andy Ng will reveal to you sales secrets that are worth billions.

Note: With effect from 1 Jan 2012, all our training programs qualify for 60% cash payout from the Government under the Enhanced PIC scheme. So take advantage of this Budget Goodie and train your team on selling and/or management skills. Call Andy at 8201-4347 for details
Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. Why most salespeople are having problems in selling and what to do about it
  2. Problems with Lone Wolf, Reactive Problem Solver, Relationship Builder and Hard Worker
  3. Cracking the Sales Code: what is Selling-Ice-to-the-Eskimos and how does it apply to your situation at your company now
  4. Needs and Wants focus and How to do Limitless Selling by meeting Unplanned and Non-articulated Needs and Wants
  5. Five Ways to Sell Ice to the Eskimos: Define your customer, Create a Need, Make them Heroes, Connect with them emotionally Give them a 2nd Helping
  6. Challenger Sale Method: The Assertive Way to Sell that Takes Control of the Sale

  • The 3 Steps in the Challenger Sale: Teach, Tailor and Take Control
  • First Step: Teaching for Differentiation: how to teach the prospect to buy from you so as to achieve real needs and wants of your prospect 
  • Second Step: Tailoring for Resonance: how to propose what decision-makers want
  • Third Step: Take Control of the Sale - how to be Assertive (not aggressive) to ask for the sale
7. Tom Hopkins 9 Ways to Ask Yes Questions
8. Overcoming Top 3 Objections: No Need, No Differentiation and No Hurry
9. The 69 Ways to Turn Objections into Buying Reasons
10. Closing more sales with Sun Zi Art of War and 6 of The 36 Stratagems
11.Get Famous with Your Weakness & Sell More
12.The Ultimate: Sell Refrigerators to the Eskimos

Bonus 1 : Overcoming Stuck Sales
Bonus 2: 5-Ways Leverage to Up Sales by 61%
Bonus 3: 25 Sales and Marketing Strategies

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