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23 Apr 2015

Predicting Outcome of War using Sun Tzu 8 Questions

In the current war between IS and the rest of the world, I can safely predict the losing side to be IS. This is because I learnt from Sun Tzu's Art of War that to forecast the outcome of a war between two teams, we can ask the following 8 questions:
  1. Which leader possesses greater moral influence?  Put it in another way, which leader is one that you want to follow from your conscience? 
  2. Which leader is more capable?
  3. Which team holds more favourable conditions in climate and ground?  This may mean asking which team has better ground support and favourable external factors?
  4. On which team are visions and instructions better communicated and implemented?
  5. Which team has superiority in its team's mind?  Sun Tzu considered the mind, not fighting tools, as the most powerful weapon
  6. On which team are the management and field staff better trained?
  7. Which team has more discipline?
  8. Which team has better compensation, rewards and penalty systems?
Succeed in Your Leadership with Art of War wisdom and 36 Stratagems
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Sun Tzu (or Sūn Zǐ in pinyin) was a 500 BC Chinese general, military strategist, and author of The Art of War, an immensely influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy. Many great leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan study his work and became legendary leaders. Many corporate leaders paid thousands of dollars to attend courses to learn Sun Zi secrets.

We at Asia Trainers believe that you too can learn master his secrets with just two hundred dollars. This is because we take the essence and compile them into a 4-hour course that will leave you with just enough materials to lead your team to greater heights. Since October 2010, we have trained over 1,137 leaders coming from countries including Hong Kong, Japan, Myanmar and even China.

The most valuable lesson out of his 13 chapter of 5,000 words must be found in the 3rd chapter: Win Without Fighting.

As translated from The Art of War: Generally, in war the best thing is to take the enemy state whole and intact; to ruin it is inferior to this. To capture the entire army is better than to destroy it. Hence, to win on hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.

To subdue the enemy without fighting is supreme excellence. In short, win without fighting is the best.

How does it apply to your leadership?
a Enemy here refers to not your enemy but your team that you are leading.

b. Take the enemy state whole and intact means you must lead your team wholly with not just their bodies, but also their minds, hearts and spirits.

c. Never destroy the bodies, minds, hearts and spirits of your team. So you cannot over-work them for you will be destroying their bodies and minds. You also cannot break their hearts by not delivering on your promises and make them give up on you. Finally, you may destroy their spirits when you unknowingly make them a fool in front of others.

d. To win without fighting in leadership is to lead without your team knowing that you are leading them. A leader is at his best when people barely knows he exists, when the work is done, the team will say: we did it ourselves. This is because the leader has empowered the team so much and they have become so competent that they are mini leaders themselves, thus the leader is leading without actually leading them. This must be the highest form of leadership. Lead without Leading.

e. If you too want to be a great leader, learn from the master.

Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. Sun Zi Art of War demystified and simplified 
  2. Applying the Five Elements of Sun Zi (Mission, Climate, Ground, Leader and Methods) to your leadership now
  3. How to Know Yourself Know Others per Sun Zi
  4. The 36 Stratagems as applied in Leadership
  5. Real Life Cases from Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela
  6. Winning over people using Sun Zi Straight and Odd Stratagems
  7. The Ultimate in Sun Zi: Take the entire Nation (body, mind, heart & spirit)
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