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14 Aug 2014

7 Negative Techniques that Work

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We know positive techniques work, but sometimes people like to be defiant.  So don't be surprised to know that negative techniques sometimes work better than positive ones!  If you don't believe me, ask yourself this question: do you tend to disagree more than agree with what your salesperson said?  There are 7 popular negative techniques that you too can use today in your sales and marketing:
  1. Take Away, that is, show them that they should not buy, because the price is beyond their reach.  Buyers like to show off to you that they can afford, that's why this tactic works!
  2. Doubt What They Say.  Since buyers say negative things more than positive things, when you doubt them, double negatives will equal to positive.  Like when they say they cannot afford it, you doubt them, that means you believe that they can afford it. 
  3. Scarcity, make things scarce, and people will fight to get it. It's the Apple and Xiaomi first-day launch that works all the time
  4. Present the Negative Aspects of Your Product/Service First.  When the customer doesn't think the negative factors are important, you'll have the sale!  (Like how most people are using Whatsapp wrongly, article at here)
  5. Act As If They Don't Want to Buy.  This means that your job is not to sell to them, but to do other things like talking to them, listening to them and serving them.  When the customer sees that there is no pressure to buy, his buying interest will elevate.  This is also called Sell without Selling (full article at here)
  6. Ask Double Negative Questions, like 'You wouldn't want to pay less and regret later, don't you?'  Double negative equal positive
  7. Don't Sell, Just Serve.  Make it your goal not to sell to them, but present your product or service in such an attractive way that their desire to purchase will balloon all the way to the sky.  This is the Apple Store way of doing business, they don't sell you in your first visit.  And we know that Apple Store is the world's largest retailer as measured by sales per square foot
In short, selling doesn't have to be positive, and many a times negative approach works well, only if you know how.  For those that need more practice, come for Effective Sales Tactics on 28 Nov 2014 Friday 9 am to 12.30 pm. For enquires, text to 8201-4347 or visit here. Related articles:

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