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5 Aug 2014

The More You Spend on These 3 Things, The More You Earn

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I just read this from the internet and couldn't wait to translate this to you.  This is the teachings from Li Ka-Shing, the multi-billionaire that is also the richest Chinese in the world from China's Hong Kong.  (See related article: A tale of 2 companies in Singapore at here)

There are 3 types of money in this world that the more you spend, the more you will earn.  

First Type: Invest in Yourself for Self-Growth

You must spend money on learning and upgrading yourself.  If we were to throw Bill Gates to a rural village in Africa and never give him any money, in no time Bill Gates will have money.  This is because the entire capital of Bill Gates lies in his wisdom and his brain.

If your mind is poor, your life will be poor.

In other words, putting money into your own head is the safest financial advise I can give to you.  You may say that what you learn may not be realized into gains in the short term.  But I want to tell you that even if you're broke to your last penny, your brain is still your biggest means to stage a comeback.  That's why you must invest in your own brain if you want your life to be rich.

We see many people struggling just to make ends meet, their entire lives are spent on filling up a large black hole that will never be filled up.  This is because they are unable to step back and see that their entire lives's difficulties are due to their inability to learn and seek breakthrough for growth.

Smart people know how to learn from other people's mistakes and avoid making losses on their own, which are usually very costly.  That's why they invest heavily to learning from others, because they know that one day the returns will start pouring in.   (Read here to see how to train managers in 4 weeks)

The 2nd Type of Spending: Filial to Your Parents

Your parents brought you up despite of financial difficulties.  That's why you too must give money to your parents, even when you are broke, because your parents are actually your natural environment for you to grow and prosper.

All the richest businesspeople in the world are all very filial to their parents, that's why they are so rich.

The 3rd Type of Spending: Charity

All rich people give first before they can reap.  There are always people that are doing worse than you, so as long as you have some excess money, you should give some to the poor, no matter how small that amount is. 

You can always do charity via tips, rewarding employees, donations and letting others earn more money in your daily business transactions with them

But the biggest charity is when you do a good job with a sense of gratitude. Another big charity is your smile and your endurance when someone is rude to you.  

In short, the above 3 spendings will make you rich: Self-upgrade, Filial and Charity.  Do share this note with your friends, as this is also a form of charity!

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