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12 Aug 2014

I Will Survive and 7 Sales Techniques that Work

In our Sales Power and How to Close Every Sale courses, people often asked if there are some techniques that can be applied to all industries, all products and all levels of salespeople.  There are actually 27 common sales techniques, but today let's look at 7 first:
  1. Never Sell, but put Service to Others as Your Highest Purpose.  This means taking care of the customer's interest more than your own, like you would rather lose the sale than push the customer to buy something that is not suitable for him.
  2. Sales Manager's Close. Here the 'Sales Manager' would help the Sales Executive by highlighting to the customer that the whole process is very simple.  All the customer needs to do is to just sign on the form and everything will be settled
  3. Choices of Three, and put the choice you want them to take in the middle.  This is because most people like to take the middle
  4. Take the customer's 'No' as 'Need to Know more' and not 'No Opportunity'.  That means not giving up, as there are actually 20 meanings to the word 'No', and none of them is about no chance!  (Read here for the secret meanings of 'What No Means')
  5. Adjust the customer's expectation, and Deliver Plus One (at least one point above their expectation).  This could mean lowering their expectations, then surprise them with something they didn't expect, like extended warranty
  6. Return on Investment.  Everybody wants a good deal.  The best way is to show the customer that the return from investing in your product or service is 3 to 8 times higher than bank deposits and more steady than stock market investments BUT WITHOUT RISKS. 
  7. I Will Survive.  Yes, survival is still the number one need of all living creatures, humans included. Today's survival is beyond physical or physiological needs but the Need to Be Better than Yesterday.  Show the customer that if they choose your product or service, they will do better than yesterday.  For who doesn't want to have a fresh start and given a chance to improve?
By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers, the next Selling Ice to the Eskimos course is on 31 October 2014 Friday 2 to 5.30 pm.  For other courses, click here.  Related articles:

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