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6 Aug 2014

Change the Way You Sell in 7 Ways

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Anthony Robbins said: If you keep doing the same things and expect different results, you're insane. Change the way you sell in these 7 ways: 

1. Instead of spending lots of time on prospecting, attract the right prospects to you with Attraction Selling

2. Never sell base on price alone, for this is the fastest way to bankruptcy. Instead sell on value with Value Selling.  Value selling comes in 3 ways: how you help the customer to make more money, save time and create more 'likes' from people

3. Whenever you can, ask a question and not make a statement. This is because asking questions will make the prospect speak, and he will believe more of what he himself says that what you the salesperson say. We called this Question-based Selling. SPIN (Situation Problem Implication Needs) is the preferred model

4. To hit your sales targets, other than working hard, you need to change your positioning from a salesperson to a value-added consultant. This is Solution Selling.

5. Focus on what your products and services can do for your prospect instead of how good your product or service is. People buy based on their own reasons, not yours. This is Customer-Focused Selling.

6. Experts say that this is a price war. Actually the biggest war is within ourselves. If you are not selling anything that is different and of value, you need to fight on price alone. If you know how to sell, you can even Sell Ice to the Eskimos. (Read this article at here)

7. Never learn alone, for learning needs to be done in groups for it to be effective. Same in sales, we need the team to help us to sell. This is Team Selling.

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