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20 Aug 2014

Becoming a Real Manager by Breaking Glass

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Although few dare to admit, we know that many managers are not real managers because they lack power. Some are at the mercy of their staff, while others are so dependent on their bosses that they are just figure heads or administrators.  

To be a real manager takes 4 things as follows:

1.  Have the Right Skills, Beliefs and Identity of a Manager.  The believe in the impossible and the identity of a can-do and a Solution Provider.  The 6 skills to posses include:
  • Planning, especially budgeting and forecasting
  • Decision-making, especially taking risk
  • People Management, in terms of handling difficult people and get people to work for you
  • Leadership, to be important, not impotent
  • Communication, how to get your message across and influence people
  • Business Strategy and Growing the Business, this must be the most important skill of all
2.   Have the Opportunity to Excel, to Really Make a Difference, and not just do daily operational work

3.   Dare to hire people smarter than you, so that you can get higher performance from your team

4.   Break Glass. Yes, break the ceiling glass and go to levels not achieved before.  To break glass, you need to break a few rules, like not adhering the stipulated salary range in attracting talents to work for you.  

Unfortunately, most managers are only able to do number one of the above, for they are living in comfort zones.  If you too want to develop your managers into real managers, start by training him in the 4 basic skill-set of management: People Management, Teambuilding, Leadership and Communication.  Details of this course are at here.  The next How to Be a Better Manager course starts on 16 May 2016 Monday 2 to 5.30 pm.  It is on 4 Mondays on May 16, 23, 30 and June 6. Details are at here. Related articles:

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