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19 Oct 2013

How Much Do You Charge? Answer: More than What You Think!

What do you do when your potential client asks, "How much do you charge for your service?"

This is a money question. Indeed such money question forces you to confront your sense of self-worth. In other words, what's your self-worth?

It takes courage - to place a fair but generous price on your expertise and the time taken to get that expertise. Definitely not the time it takes to do the work, but the time it takes to be able to do the work. Just like we don't pay our Dentist by time, we pay him by his ability to do his work well, regardless of the actual time taken. Sometimes like in the dentist case, the shorter the time, the better it is and the higher is his fee.
 In my seminars and trainings, I have always worked toward the goal of giving my participants more than their money's worth. Because I know that when I dedicate myself to raising the top (quality) rather than lowering the bottom (cost), everybody wins.

Money is worth and worth is measured in money. So don't charge less, because when you charge less, you're not giving more. Instead of lowering your fees, give more.

One final comment about money. Money, being a medium of exchange, is neutral. Like any tool, it can serve the highest and the lowest. Money doesn't make a person good or bad, it simply amplifies whoever and whatever you are.

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