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27 Oct 2013

If You Want to Lead Better, Don't Be the Leader

Sounds strange, isn't it? The first step to lead better is to recognize that you're Not a leader.  In fact you are not defined by any title you may have, e.g. Manager, Director, Specialist. 

As a Leader, You Are NOT a Leader.  You Lead.  Short and simple. 

If you keep thinking that you're a leader, you will miss out the important things in leadership, which is to be alert to what's happening. You need to listen well, know how are people feeling, and really get to the bottom of issues.  But you can't do this unless you get rid of the thinking that you are the leader.  You must not have the mistaken belief that you are your job. Because such thinking only clouds your thinking and distracts you from leading. 

When you lead, you let go of any self-ego that you may have and you can be authentic, knowing who you are and where you are. 

It's only when you are where you are that you will become more curious about others than about yourselfA true leader is one with no credentials, he leads even when he has no title. He is humble enough to drop his storyline and carefully consider others in his work. He develops a powerful flexibility of mind and heart that not only instructs but also inspires others and builds mutual respect. He is truly responsible, because he leads, not because he has the title of leadership.  All the great leaders in this world have no title (e.g. Gandhi, Diana, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela when he was in prison) and yet people follow wherever they go. 

A true leader leads because he knows his most important job as a leader is to bring out the best in his team, not bring himself up by having self-ego of 'being the leader'. He does nothing but lead people.  And that is Leadership Power. 

By Andy Ng, whose courses on Leadership Power and How to Be a Better Manager are now available for the market at an affordable rate. For details, call 6225-1784 Priya now. 

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