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10 Oct 2013

The Real Law of Cause and Effect

Among all natural laws (i.e. not man-made laws but laws governing all nature), the Law of Action and Reaction is the most prevalent. This is also called the law of Cause and Effect, or Karma to some people.

Simply put, for every action, there will be a reaction. That's why good beget good and bad beget bad.  But the point to note that there is no direct relationship between cause and effect, i.e. you cannot pinpoint a particular action and say for sure that it will precisely lead to another action.  Also, results do not arise in the order in which their causative actions have taken place.

What this means is that other causative factors also come into play and often it is their combined effect that determines the result. A single cause cannot produce a result, much less many results, nor can many causes produce just one result.

How does it apply to training then?  From my over 17 year of training (including part-time 1996-2001 before becoming full time since May 2001 till now), one cannot expect miracles to happen just from one training. But it is the combined factors of your company's management, the environment, your people, plus the training that will produce the desired result you want.

But one thing we know for sure: if you don't train your people, you're not creating the cause for positive results to happen. Worse still, if your people are not trained and they continue to do things in the same old way, it will produce more negative cause and soon the effects will be evident in the company.  That's why companies will train people EVEN IF THEY CANNOT SEE THE DIRECT RESULTS, for they know that the OPPOSITE WILL TOO PRODUCE NEGATIVE RESULTS.

So my friend, use the Law of Cause and Effect accordingly for your training and you'll see positive results.

Note: By 'training' here, I mean to include Internal Training as well, i.e. training that you conduct yourself, like induction, OJT and weekly briefing.  The PIC schemes pay you up to $10,000 a year to conduct Internal Training. For details, call Priya at 6225-1784 now.  For list of courses, visit

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