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25 Oct 2013

Leadership with Sun Tzu Art of War in 5 Ways

As we know, Sun Tze does not advocate a martinet-style of leadership.  Instead, he states that a leader must be strong enough to impose the strategy in the organization, but also confident and trusting enough to allow his team members to carry it out successfully.  There are thus 5-Ways of Leadership with Sun Tzu Art of War:
  1. Build Your Character, not just Your Image.  To Sun Tzu, a leader must be courageous, sincere and yet humane. But a leader must always appear to be in control of the situation, exuding confidence and assurance at all times. This confidence is not a facade, but based on true inside confidence. In short, if the leader has even one doubt, his followers will have several.
  2. Lead with Actions, Not Just Words.  The best way to show your character is not to talk about it, but set the example. Talk is cheap.  You should never say one thing and focus on another. 
  3. Share Your Team's Trials, Not Just Their Triumphs.  If you expect your team to sacrifice, you must sacrifice more. Prove to them that you do not think yourself special or above them.  In this way, you establish a bond with them that will take the team through the toughest times.
  4. Assign Clearly Defined Missions: Do Not Tolerate Confusion.  Your team must first understand how their efforts fit into the overall picture. Divisions within the organization must know how they support each other. There must be absolutely no in-fighting. 
  5. Make Your Strategy Drive Your Organization.  Do not fire-fight, instead fire up your people. Strategize properly and get your team drive the strategies.  Your organization should be driven by plans, not driven by despair
By Andy Ng, whose programs on Sun Tzu or Sun Zi Art of War, have been delivered on 5 platforms: Art of War for Sales, Customer Service, People Management, Leadership and Coaching. Details on courses are found here. The next Leadership with Sun Tzu Art of War is on 30 July 2014 Wednesday 2 to 6 pm.  Details are at here. Related articles:

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