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2 Oct 2013

Over-Promise Under-Deliver: the Biggest Sin of Salespeople and How to Avoid them in 7 Ways

Interview any customers and they will tell you that Over-Promise Under-Deliver is the number 1 reason that they don't trust and like salespeople.  In fact, over 55% of salespeople that we trained confessed that they have to resort to Over-Promise Under-Deliver in their bid to close the sale.

If you too want to have long-term relationship in business, you need to avoid Over-Promise Under Deliver at all costs.  The following are the 7 Ways:
  1. Know Your Product and Your Customer's Expectations Well and you will only be promising what your can deliver;
  2. Lead the customer and not let him lead you.  Many a times customers lead salespeople to say yes to their requests and that's how over promise happen.  Instead a salesperson could take back control by simply asking a question like, "What do you think?"
  3. Deliver + 1, that is, over deliver on your promise and you'll end up with "Over Promise, Over Deliver"
  4. Go the Extra Mile, better than Deliver +1, just do more than you promise without any thought of compensation and your customers will be touched by your sincerity; 
  5. Control Your Delivery and make sure that they can meet up with what you promise;
  6. Frame Your Customer's Expectations and let them know that you prefer to be conservative and promise less so that you can focus your efforts on the delivery and not making promises;
  7. Systematically Upgrade Your Delivery. Because we know that customers' expectations are rising, you need to upgrade your delivery constantly and consistently. Like Google's Android system and Apple's iOS systems, they have upgrades more than once a year.  
By Andy Ng, Sales Coach of Asia Trainers, details at here 

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