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6 Oct 2013

Solving Your Problems at Work in a very SAD Way

Often in my training courses, my participants would like to share with me their problems at work and ask me for advise.

The advise I gave them is to solve problems in a 3-Step SAD way: 

Step 1: See the problem as what it is, not what you wish

Reason is that if you don’t exactly see what the problem is, you're going to perpetuate it.  You are already in reality, all you need to do is to see it.

All problems at work, be it sales, cash flow or people management, can be summed up in two words: Human Problems. Settle the human problems and you'll settle all problems. 

Human problems can be in the area of motivation, morale, competencies, distraction, complacency, leadership, communication, inter-personal skills, teamwork and compliance. 

Step 2: You don’t lack ideas, strategies or solutions to your problems. So stop blocking yourself and attend to what’s going on.  

When you really attend to the problems, the solution is obvious.  For example, my client felt that his staff are not driven to close all sales, and the company often lose business to competitors.  Once he see the problem being the sales incentive system, the staff immediately will be motivated to do more sales. 

Step 3: Start Doing NOW.  Never wait for a perfect solution.  Instead start doing now and you'll correct along the way. 

In short, you can solve all problems at work in a very SAD Way: SEE ATTEND DO. 

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers. Andy's courses on management, sales and executive skills have helped over 81,131 people in 13 countries.  Contact him at andy@asiacoachingtraining or call him at 8201-4347 today. Full course listing is at here

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