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30 Oct 2013

Why How What of High Performance

Over the weekend, I learnt a very powerful lesson from Simon Sinek at TED: the WHY HOW WHAT model of high performance
Most people are very good in explaining WHAT, like a manager telling his team member what are the things to do to get a job done right.
Many managers are even better in detailing the HOW, like all the SOPs and procedures to do the WHAT.
Almost no mangers bother to explain the WHY: the purpose and reason behind the reason for doing the task.  We all know that without a strong WHY, there is little push for a person to do a job well.  That’s why many people produce mediocre work: they just go through the motion and getting all the steps done right but you as a manager know that something is missing.
It’s the little thing that’s missing that is causing performance to be average and not great. That little thing is the WHY.
You sell, Apple's Steve Jobs did not go out to tell people what are its products, their features and how good they are.  Steve Jobs went straight to the WHY: because Apple wants to re-invent the phone and change the way we communicate. (that’s how he launched the legendary touch-phone iPhone in 2007).

So my readers, the following course is important to you because you can get much higher performance in your team if you’re able to lead and manage them effectively.

By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers, details at here

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