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29 Oct 2013

What Newton's 3rd Law Got to Do with People Respecting You

I watched Hong Kong's TVB police drama series "Mysteries of Love" and was impressed that the police made use of Physics to solve many perplex serious crimes. 

Even if you were not an engineer, chemist or mathematician by training, you know that Physics is actually common sense and you too can apply Physics to everyday life.

Like Newton's 3rd law. Every Action of a Force Produces an Equal and Opposite Reaction.

Newton said that any force applied to a body produces an equal and opposite reaction force in that body. In other words, for every action there is an reaction. When applied to management, it includes:

  • If I treat people with respect, they will return their respect to me equally;
  • If I mistreat people with disrespect, they too will return their disrespect to me.
  • If I work hard, even though I may not see the results today, there will be a reaction in the marketplace. E.g. a salesperson sent out many empowering e-mails to his contact list is getting a big reaction sooner or later.
  • If there is no air resistance, when you throw both a cannon ball and a feather down, both of them will fall to the ground at the same pace. In management, you need to get rid of resistance so that you will get efficient results. According to John C Maxwell, the best way to get rid of resistance is through people skills.
You must be a People Person: make them like and respect you.  

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