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7 Oct 2013

The HAPPY Way to Build Great Teams

Yesterday my blog about how to solve problems the SAD Way (See-Address-Do) Way has made some people sad.

Today I'm going to make you HAPPY: the proven way to Build Great Teams:
H - Harmonize the team, conflicts should be put aside first
A - Align the different goals of the team to that of the organization.
P - Purpose: find a common purpose for all
P - Path: create the path to achieve the common purpose
Y - Get people to say 'Yes' to commit and do the path created above

A typical team-building session using HAPPY would run like this:
  1. Harmonize: Get everyone to write down their differences and agree to harmonize, i.e. work through the differences;
  2. Goal Alignment Session to align the different goals to the organization's goals.  Eg Sales Department goal of 20% growth must be aligned to company's profit goals
  3. Purpose: Find a common purpose that will get people charging. Like to beat the competitor;
  4. Path: here will be the detailed Road Maps and Plans for each department harmonized to the company's Road Maps and Plans
  5. Yes:  now is action time, and we set the rewards and penalties so that everyone will play their part to work towards the set paths.
By Andy Ng, whose training on management, sales and executive skill have won over many media reports, e.g. The Straits Times on 3 June 2013.  Details of his courses are at here

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