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22 Oct 2013

How to Be a High Value Middle Manager

In any organization, there are 2 kinds of middle managers:

The first type are those who get the work done but never think beyond what need to be completed in the medium term. Though they may work hard and have good intentions, they fail to see the big picture, and thus add little value to the functions they manage.

In short, they are 'good managers'. E.g the Finance Manager at JPMorgan Chase Bank who got the monthly accounts out on time but never warn the management about the risk in investing in so called 'secure' mortgage securities.

The second type are those High Value Middle Managers who see the big picture. 

They know how to manage operational practices and execute tactical goals to support strategic initiatives. They add value to their organization and thus elevate their position from that of a middle man to a key player. 

You know it when you come across one (or when you yourself are one). High Value Middle Managers operate at peak efficiency:

- Their questions are timely and on target (they ask "Why" and "Why Not?" a lot)
- Their ideas are provocative that help move the organization forward (eg they propose cost saving measures)
- They transit from one task to another seamlessly (they never say "I'm up to the neck!")
- Their demeanour is calm but with a sense of urgency (hurried but not rushed, you can see their hand still very neat and the make-up on their face still intact even at 11 pm)
- They are busy, yet focused and driven, and imbue the workplace with energy (everyone loves to work with them for they are always say "add oil");
- Although their days are full, they use tiny pockets of time to accomplish big things (eg they make use of lunch time to meet important people).

In short, these are the high value managers: they are not CEOs, but could be more important than their CEO. They do the planning, people management and leadership of the masses. These high value managers can relate better to the lower level in executing strategies, and understand the ground better. As s result, they can create real changes ....

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