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29 Dec 2013

5 Minimum Standards to Follow in the Office

As we know, human beings are capable of doing anything and if we don't set rules, there will be chaos at the workplace. Just look at the number of politics fighting in the office and you'll know what I am talking about.

In our trainings, we teach 5 Precepts to follow. By the way, there are no penalty for not obeying the precepts, but if you follow them, you will be protected from harm at work.  
  1. Value Work, that is, treat your work seriously and don't do anything that will jeopardize your career, like taking things home from the office
  2. Respect the Happiness of Others, which includes not to create unhappiness among colleagues like spreading rumours
  3. Respect for Personal Freedom, that is, the right of a person to say 'No'.  Many a times this precept is ignored and we see supervisors forcing employees to do overtime. On the other hand, we also see employees asking from their employer for the sky and cannot take 'no' as the answer
  4. Refraining from False Speech, which means to have wholesome communication.  Basically, what we communicate should be truthful, should promote good friendship and organization harmony, should be pleasant and proper. By far the most important thing in communication is to be beneficial and not communicate for the sake of communication.
  5. Refrain from Intoxications and Addiction.  This is very obvious, as we cannot have people getting drunk at work.  The main purpose is to keep the mind free as a basis for inner calm and clarity.  If we were intoxicated or unmindful, we are more likely to create harm to others or make safety mistakes. 
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of training programs at here

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