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30 Dec 2013

Win New Customers Effortlessly in 7 Ways

In this age of high land cost and high staff cost, how can companies increase their sales at the least cost?  Are there proven ways that you too can win new customers effortlessly?  By 'effortlessly', we don't mean without effort but things that you do with your heart that it seems like effortless, like when we update our status on facebook, watch videos on youtube and play games on iPad Air.

There are 7 Ways that companies can win new customers effortlessly:
  1. Referrals, because what customers say are more believable than what salespeople say.  Referrals have 7 types: word of mouth referral, testimonials referral, word of social media referral, word of print referral, referral by action, referral by suppliers and referral by enemies. 
  2. Phone-Mail-Phone Marketing.  Yes, the Personal Data Protection Act, which takes effect on 1 Jan 2014, does not include marketing to companies.  That means that you can still market to companies via the phone but cannot do that to consumers.  A good phone-mail-phone marketing campaign can gives you 20 solid prospects a week, if you call just 250 suspects a week.   If you have a closing rate of just 20%, you will get 4 clients a week.  The response is actually pretty good as the success rate is 1.6%, about 10 times higher than e-mail marketing.
  3. Work with Partners.  Yes, when you tie up with other vendors, you are reaching out to a wider target audience.  Like our Asia Trainers tie up with Dun & Bradstreet, CCISG and Bricksfree.
  4. New Products and Services.  When you have something new, not only will your existing customers buy from you, but people that never buy from you will buy from you too.  
  5. Networking.  People that you meet outside of business, like in a seminar, event or even wedding dinners, make good prospects.  This is because you already make friends with them, and people like to do business with friends.  But don't make the mistake of some people that drive business away by behaving too desperate at the networking event. I ever met people that asked me "Nice meeting you, shall we do business tomorrow?"  This is frightening to me!
  6. Bold Walking and Canvassing.  If you dare to see people without appointment, it speaks loud about the confidence of what you sell, and people will be attracted to you.  
  7. Power Writing.  Yes, that includes writing on wordpress, blogspot, blogger, ezines, Straits Times, Human Resource magazine and even Her World.  Of course your daily e-mail can also draws in business, if you know how to write in a powerful way.  Just email to me at or give comments at this blog at and I'll  share with you the 5 email templates that others paid thousands to acquire.
By Andy Ng, Sales Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of sales courses at here

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