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2 Dec 2013

Improve Your Bottom Line by Focusing on Your True Bottom Line

Often when we start out in our profession, we do it out of love for the profession, our passion and our interest.  In the beginning our intentions are good.  We do good jobs and soon more jobs and money come.  Then slowly we become consumed with pursuing success in our work.

We crave for more power, money, name, ranking, profits and fame.  These slowly replace our focus on the profession.  Love becomes a distant dream.

This is how we slowly become lost in our pursuit of bottom line.  The fact is that humans are never satisfied with anything, and the bottom line that we pursue is often at the expense of someone else. Look at the phenomena high profits luxury product companies made and you'll realize that they exploit cheap labour in poor countries like Bangladesh and Cambodia.  Banks incurred huge fines by governments and have to compensate billions to customers for failed investments. 

In short, the pursuit of bottom line has made us become bad.  What is so-called happiness created by such profits is short-lived and resulted in miseries and losses for others. There is no real happiness at all. 

The truth is that true happiness comes from deep within, that is, what we truly love.  Such love generates a certain kind of power, for it brings welfare to the society as well.  It generates not just happiness for the vendor but also happiness for the community. There is peace of mind. 

We know that until we have peace of mind we cannot be truly ourselves, and all the material gains in this world cannot replace the solitude and good feeling we have inside us.

So my friend, if in your pursuit of bottom line has made you lose yourself, improve your deep down 'bottom line': your true love.  Focus on your real bottom line (Love) and your bottom line (profit) will improve. 

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers. 

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