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8 Dec 2013

You'll Realize How Silly You Have Been Once You Know this basic Science

You may not know that we are actually non-existent.  We don't exist at all. There is actually no 'self'.

According to scientists, a human being is merely a bundle of ever changing sensations.  The combination of the 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) and mind (your idea or thinking that I am here) are what make up the 'self'.  If we were to take away these 6 things, there is no 'self' existing.

Even the solid universe is actually no solid but actually a flux of energy.  The modern physicist sees the whole universe as a process of transformation of various forces which include the processes that constitute a human being.

So from a scientific angle, we actually don't exist.  What exists is just perception of the 5 senses and the mind.

Once you begin to understand this, you'll realize how silly you have been.  All through our lives, we feel bad, low or disappointed whenever someone attacks our 'self'.  We often fight with people, argue over issues, go for things that make us feel good, all for the sake of protecting and enhancing our self.  Some people even spend fortunes for cosmetic surgery and luxury goods to create an immortal self.

All these are silly because there is no self at all.  You look at Nelson Mandela.  Everyone said he is a great man because he is self-less and sacrificed his entire life and family for other people.  Mandela understands this concept of no-self and that's why he has no hatred against the people who put him behind bars for 27 years.  We should all behave like Mandela.  There is no self.

By Andy Ng, Trainer Coach at Asia Trainers, details of his trainings and seminars are at here.

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