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5 Dec 2013

Outsell Your Competition with 7 Successful Selling Strategies

Everyone wants to get more business, but with the economy still slow now, what can you do to pull ahead?

If you try to pull business away from your competitors, you have to be prepared for a price war.  Another way is to poach the top salesperson or sales manager from your competitors with high salary.  This is fast and furious, but it too starts a talent war.

How about going all out with aggressive marketing to get new prospects?  This again puts you head on with your peers, who can always retaliate easily with even more marketing budget.  The issue is how long you can last.  

If the above does not work, what can you do?  We believe that the solution lies in Successful Selling Strategies. This means that you must do things strategically and systematically.  There are total 7 Successful Selling Strategies:
  1. Service to Others as the Highest Strategy.  This is because people don't buy goods and services but good feelings and solutions to their problems. 
  2. Instead of Fighting on Product, why not use People as the winning edge?  Get people to be more connected to you is more effective than getting products that people don't feel for you.  Like Apple vs. Nokia
  3. Instead of fighting on price, Placement Strategies will be easier to implement.  Of course the best placement is always in the mind. 
  4. To get high customer satisfaction, you need to Customize Your Benefits to Make your Products Meaningful to them.
  5. To get people to buy, use the proven SPIN model: Situation, Problem, Implications and Needs/Payoff
  6. If customers are still not moved, give them an Irresistible Offer that No One Can Resist. 
  7. Finally, move your customers Up the Ladder of Loyalty and create Raving Fans that Sell for You.
By Andy Ng, whose sales courses have produced into a DVD called "Magnetic Selling".  Details of sales and other management programs are at here.

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